The Waverley whine-athon which outdoes the London mara-thon.

Because the WWinathon goes on and on and on – adnauseum!

What a pity Appalled of Awfold, Cheated of Kerchingfold, Disgusted of Dunsfold and Hacked-off of Where-has-all-the-traffic-come-from, don’t stop whinging and do their homework.

In the latest whine-athon published on PoW’s website, on 25 April, the aptly named Bob Lies lives up to his name and accuses Waverley Borough Council of a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Give Away to Dunsfold Park.

In the article, Mr Lies says, ‘Surely it cannot be right that the present Council is giving away the right of a future Council to raise much-needed money for infrastructure from the owner of its largest strategic site … We call on Waverley Borough Council to clearly explain to its residents – Council Tax payers and voters – why it is being so generous to the developers of Dunsfold Park and the owner Trinity College Cambridge, at the expense of the local parishes and the whole Borough?’

As Mr Lies knows full well, for he and his cohorts, not to mention CPRE and PoW’s barrister – The Stinch – have crawled all over Dunsfold Park’s S106 & Infrastructure contributions. The Waverley Web animated-spider-image-0201knows because the Waverley Web was hanging from a dusty corner of the council chamber listening to every word! Remember us?

Under CIL, the Borough would be entitled to somewhere in the region of £10-14 million. But under a legally binding S106 agreement between the Dunsfold Developer and WBC, the Borough would be entitled to circa £125 million!!!

Do the math Mr Lies, and the same applies to the Cranleigh Civic Society … but, of course, you don’t want to. You’re much keener to spin the facts and make the Dunsfold Developer and Waverley BC look like the bad guys by pedalling yet more misinformation and blatant lies. We’re the first in line to criticise ‘YW’ but in this instance, Potts & Co have got it right!

According to our mole inside Waverley BC, the Dunsfold Developer and Trinity College Cambridge are currently looking at a shopping list from Waverley BC and Surrey CC that is shaping up as follows:

Pre-school, primary school and secondary school provision £10.5 m
Transport improvements £42 m, 


Not to mention a host of other sums being dished out to local leisure centres, health centres and anyone else that cares to bring out the begging bowl! And that’s before they even begin to build their own infrastructure and facilities in order to ensure the residents of the new village at Dunsfold Park don’t become a drain on other local communities.


So tells us, Mr Lies, how deep into their profits did Berkeley Homes, Cala Homes, Linden Homes – to name but a few of the developers concreting over the Cranleigh countryside – dig? We confess we don’t actually know, but what we do know, courtesy of our Waverley mole, is that it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what the Dunsfold Developer is dolling out!

So, why not live up to your organisation’s name, Mr Lies, and start protecting and protesting about what’s going on in the rest of Waverley rather than just your own little corner of it?! HOW ABOUT MOANING FOR THE FARNHAM AND GODALMING AREAS THAT ARE QUITE LITERALLY BEING STUFFED AND WHERE RESIDENTS ARE CHOKING ON TRAFFIC FUMES!

In the meantime, we at the Waverley Web call upon Bob Lies and his cohorts, not to mention the Parish Councils, why THEY are being so cavalier with Council Tax payers and voters’ money in trying to judicially review the Local Plan? They’ve had their day in court, as it were, challenging the Local Plan and Dunsfold Park’s planning application at a call-in! Now they want to waste yet more of Council Taxpayers and voters’ money – whilst applying to limit their own costs to a mere £10,000 under the ill-conceived Aarhus Costs Rules! It’s an absolute travesty and, we repeat Council Leader Julia Potts’ rant, a shocking waste of Council Taxpayers and voters’ money!!!

AND P.S. We get our information from inside WBC – and we are NOT as you have mentioned the PR Agency for Dunsfold Park. Oh! how we wish!

We wouldn’t be scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep this site going if we were!

13 thoughts on “The Waverley whine-athon which outdoes the London mara-thon.”

  1. Hi WW
    Before I go and enjoy the sunshine – Just a quick question…. Where do you get your figure of 52.5Million s106 Contribution??? I went through the s106 some time ago and I could only find £18.6 Million which equated to £10,350 per Home if 1800 homes and only £7166 per home if 2600 Homes – I would cut and Paste the agreement – But I cannot on this site – and life is too short to type it all up again – But happy to email a copy in case I have got something wrong

  2. Whoops – Sun in – Cat got your tongue – If I have it wrong – do let me know

  3. Sorry, but there is a great deal more to the DP 106 than many people realise. We will, however, provide you with the information privately as the informant is an officer inside Waverley, and we don’t want anyone to lose their job!

  4. Understood – Just want what is out there in the Public domain to be what it is! That is all we have to go on – You know I may be an anal-retard but I try to be accurate and look at the facts and I only have what I see posted on the Waverley Website.

  5. Finally confirms what we all thought. WW is a Farnham based PR machine working for the development of Dunsfold. You occasionally try to throw a dummy by pretending that you feel sorry for Cranleigh. As to you providing information privately we know you don’t do that very well!
    The infrastructure the development will fund from Dunsfold is pathetic. The millions you mention are cloud cuckoo land and you know it, hence why you cannot quote any facts!!!
    We don’t need THE DEVELOPMENT and nobody will want to live there!
    Devlop Woking, Guildford and Farnham. There are places to work and a chance of travelling sensibly. Dunsfoid with offer neither!!!!!!!!

    1. Apologies for the typos but I get so angry with your view that Dunsfold is the answer to all of the problems in Surrey. I seriously doubt you get out of Farnham much.

    2. Agreed. I think it has been obvious for the last few months that the thin pretense has been transparent and that this is the authorised ‘arms length’ spin from the developer. WW does get very het up about these things – almost as if they he has many millions of pounds personally riding on this whole sad affair. Funny how announcements are here before the press releases?

  6. As we have said we get inside information. Not inside DP, but inside Waverley Borough Council. Enough said, or we may be closed down!!

  7. Still not seen where this figure of 52.5 Million comes from. Trinity will ensure they pay no more than they have to for this development. I will probably be “pushing up the daisies” before even a fraction of the s106 payments are made!!!

  8. The way things are going at the moment Denise with Judicial Reviews sucking money out of all our pockets, we shall all be pushing up daisies before any homes st Dunsfold are built. But, fear, not homes are pushing up faster than daisies in and around Cranleigh and Ewhurst. Perhaps someone should pop over there and ask residents how they feel about their villages.

  9. …and perhaps more people might know about what the planners and developers are doing in Cranleigh and Ewhurst if the WBC Planning Portal wasn’t so shockingly bad!

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