Who do our councillors represent? Their constituents or the council?

The Executive of Waverley Borough Council decided recently that the rank and file members of the various planning committee’s – mainly the Joint Planning Committee – need to be taken in hand.

Why? Because they are not following officers’ advice to shove through as many major planning applications on green field sites to satisfy Government bidding!

There is far too much independent spirit being demonstrated by councillors, who are listening to their constituents, rather than doing the bidding of planning officers in the shove and shunt brigade!  

As you will gather from the letter below, written by A Farnham Residents’ councillor, which appeared in the Farnham Herald, he asks a simple question?

Do councillors represent the views of their constituents at Waverley or do they represent the views of ‘Your Waverley’ to their wards?

What do our readers think?

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4 thoughts on “Who do our councillors represent? Their constituents or the council?”

  1. Honestly? think that’s a silly question. The vast majority represent the SW Surrey Conservative Party and have their eye at all times on the next election. Nothing more complex than that.

  2. We agree with you wholeheartedly. However, attitudes are beginning to change, ever so slightly and ever so slowly. Take note SW Surrey, and Guildford Conservative Association, the voting fodder are waking up, see Godalming By-Election result. 2018 could be critical in the run-up to the May 2018 elections!

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