The emergency, emergency at Godawfulming is over? Isn’t it?

Godalming Town Councillor and former Godalming Mayor Anne Bott has stepped in to the mysteriously vanishing shoes of ex mayor Simon Thornton. No doubt as a former lawyer and town mayor (2015-2016) the Godalming Councillors wanted a safe pair of hands at the helm. The current deputy mayor did not step up – he’s still on work experience. Interestingly Ann Bott was the former Monitoring Officer at Waverley Borough Council under the rule of Christine Pointer, somebody used to dealing with errant Councillors and public complaints. We couldn’t think of a better person to accept the poison chalice of leading Godalming Town Council. Still no answers to  Godalming’s Bermuda Triangle!


Does ‘Godawfulming’ have its own Bermuda Triangle?

2 thoughts on “The emergency, emergency at Godawfulming is over? Isn’t it?”

  1. Can’t think of a better person than Ann with an E – a reputation for being the only Godalming Town Councillor who knows what she is doing.

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