Is Godawfulming in a Godawfulming – mess?

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 Did he jump? Was he pushed? Is he ill?

Why the secrecy?

Here’s yesterday’s post.

Another one bites the dust!

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Meanwhile back at the Cranleigh ranch, the thick plottens over the future of Cranleigh Parish Council Chairman Mary Foryszewski. Will Angela Richardson, the seasoned councillor co-opted into the council’s ranks a whole month or so ago, and who has attended an amazing THREE meetings, achieve her palace coup?

Does stabbing people in the back bode well for a future in politics?

Has/will  Annie’s Angie succeed in ensuring the Guildford Conservative Association changes from The Nasty Party into The Stupid Party, by overthrowing Cranleigh’s Boudicca, who has fought tirelessly to protect the countryside from development? Does the Newby, really believe that her efforts to fill the Tory coffers in the eastern villages earns her a place at the  Westminster village?

Will MP Anne Milton’s very own fundraising Tory Tosser do her bidding to ensure the Cranleigh new /town she has helped create,  become the mouthpiece of – yes – you guessed – The Guildford Conservative Association!

Stupid…or what! Haven’t any of these people over in the East heard about the rise and rise of our Farnham Residents over here in the west?

Be careful what you wish for Annie, you could end up with a truly INDEPENDENT borough!


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