Where’s Alfold’s dosh for taking more than its fair share of Waverley housing?


The Waverley Web has been peering into the big fat bank account that collects Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) from Developers.


In layman’s terms, that’s the money developers have to shell out to build   homes required by the Government. The money is supposed to go toward providing infrastructure – eg. road improvements, schools etc. And, would you adam and eve it, some  goes directly to the towns and villages that are  absorbing new residents coming from all over the country, and abroad.

CIL –  superseded 106  legal agreements that forced developers to cough up for projects earmarked by planning officers  to improve communities.

Will the this year’s CILLY season arrive in March?

A bit like the £80,000 Dunsfold Park Limited lobbed into Surrey County Council’s coffers almost 10 years ago, as part of its mitigation for consent to build more industrial and education units at the business park. Money that was earmarked for a pavement along Dunsfold Road towards DP’s Compass Gate entrance. But the safety of pedestrians has been ignored and despite Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus being a Surrey County Councillor and a member of its Tory Executive, the money languishes in Surrey’s bank account and homes and obstacles built subsequently right up to the highway!!

So how much CIL money has Alfold received?

Well!  We cannot see any? Maybe we are missing something and the powers that be can tell us, and Alfold residents  what they are getting for all the unsustainable development.  We know about the  S106 Contributions – But where is their  CIL?? WW understands every town and parish council has to have CIL policy in place. Does Alfold have one? If not, why not? It has been a borough requirement for years! 

Is Alfold Parish Council falling apart at the seams?


This is what ‘Your Waverley’ says:

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Matters.

The total value of Demand Notices issued by Waverley Borough Council within the reported year is £337,207.81. Of this amount £258,896.23 is from liable floorspace, £74,056.44 is from surcharges imposed due to breaches of the CIL Regulations and £4,255.14 is from the accrual of late payment interest.

It should be noted that the values above refer to the Demand Notice issued within the period of the reported year. It may be that since the reported year these Demand Notices have been revised, for example, due to an appeal decision being issued or the application of surcharge or late payment interest. 

The total amount of CIL receipts collected by Waverley within the reported year is £2,149,684.09. c) The total CIL collected by Waverley  before the reported year that has not been allocated is £351,270.67. d) No CIL receipts were collected by the council, or by another person on its behalf, before the reported year which has been allocated. 

Expenditure of Strategic CIL within Waverley will be allocated via an annual bidding cycle. The first Strategic CIL bidding round occurred outside of the reported year, and therefore will be reported in the 2021/22 Infrastructure Funding Statement.

The total amount of CIL expenditure for the reported year is as follows:

 £130,981.77 of Neighbourhood CIL was transferred to the relevant Town and Parish Councils.
But it would appear – Alfold received ZILCH! Unless of course, it has received money and isn’t declaring it?

The total amount of CIL receipts allocated, whenever collected, which were allocated but not spent during the reported year is shown in the table below:

Neighbourhood CIL receipts of £283,441.78 have been allocated but not spent within the reported year. These monies will be transferred to the relevant Town and Parish Councils. .They will be expected to prepare a report for financial contributions it receives for any financial year.No CIL receipts (including land payments) have been spent on items of infrastructure within the reported year. ii) No CIL receipts have been spent on repaying money borrowed within the reported year, including any interest. iii) The amount of CIL collected towards administration expenses within the reported year is – £107,484.20 This is 5% of the total CIL receipts collected (£2,149,684.09) in the year period. The amount of CIL spent on administration expenses during the reported year is £107,484.20. h)

No CIL, whenever collected, have been allocated but not spent within the reported year. This is with the exception of £283,441.78 of Neighbourhood CIL which will be transferred to the relevant parish council in the next payment period.  The total amount of CIL passed to a Town or Parish Council under Regulation 59A and 59B during the reported year are as follows:

So where’s Alfold’s share?

 Allocated and Spent Remaining Admin CIL £107,484.20.  Neighbourhood CIL £414,423.55 £130,981.77 £283,441.78 Strategic CIL £0.00 £0.00 £2,016,790.37 CIL Land Payments £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 Total £521,907.75 £238,455.97 £2,300,232.15 Neighbourhood CIL receipts of £283,441.78 have been allocated but not spent within the reported year. These monies will be transferred to the relevant Town and Parish Councils. 

The relevant Town and Parish Councils will be expected to prepare a report for financial contributions it receives for any financial year. 

4 thoughts on “Where’s Alfold’s dosh for taking more than its fair share of Waverley housing?”

  1. Hi WW

    I had a look at the WBC Website’s Community Infrastructure Levy Dashboard last week and put in a “Filter” for Alfold and the numbers are somewhat baffling to say the least, I cannot upload them here.. But I can scan them and email them and you can see for yourself (excuse the notes on them)
    But from what I could understand:


    Potential: £68,110.29 (most of it Thakeham)
    Due: £7555.13 (Cobdens)
    Collected: £15,000.00 (Dunsfold Rd – Adj Byeways)

    Most of the money seems to go to CIL STRATEGIC

    Potential: £4,111,143.60
    Due: £3,046,262.95
    Collected: £100,000.00

    With the Bulk of the DUE: sum being the Garden Centre from May 2022 – Jan 2024

    Whether you like the figures or not it is fairly obvious that the actual Parishes seem to get Very Little for the actual villages – We may get a Demand Responsive Bus and a few improvements to the Footpaths and bus shelters out of the Strategic CIL and Cranleigh will get Educational Funds to accommodate the huge increase in the number of new residents

  2. WW – I love this link to CIL and s106 contributions on the Waverley website, sad person that I am – see https://pfm.exacom.co.uk/waverley/index.php – but there is a much bigger issue here.
    This link is comprehensive and detailed in dealing with all forms of developer contributions and goes back to the days of s106 and that page makes really interesting reading.
    So the question from me to somebody is why is it that of the Waverley wide developer contributions the Potential figure for Waverley is £34+ million, the Collected figure is just over £25M, the Allocated figure is £30M but the SPENT figure is only £10.74 million. So judging by these figures there is over £15M of collected, allocated but unspent developer contributions and bear in mind these just relate to s106 contributions (not CIL) so they have probably been around for a while and they must have related to specific developments approved pre March 2018.
    Interesting for the ‘0’ figures in the unspent column……a first impression suggests a lot of this is down to SCC who are sitting on about £1.5M of unspent highways contributions – presumably including the now infamous but missing Alfold to Three Compasses pavement? – and a fair chunk for education – and this is the bunch that keep telling us they have no money to do anything?
    Now I come to think of it, I do have a vague recollection a couple of years ago of the SCC Highways Team Leader being questioned at an inquiry about the underspend in the Dunsfold area of significant amounts of highways contributions which of course he initially denied but when asked to specify something they had done he thought for a minute and then flagged up one bus shelter. Priceless.

  3. Hi Kathy
    I too looked at the S106 Funds albeit specifically for Alfold and the vast majority of the POTENTIAL was from the Dunsfold Park Application- Which as we all know has stalled and Yup the £150K for the Alfold Crossways to Compasses Gate pavement was due in 2021 and that was for the additional Business use at DP and nothing to do with the Housing – but again NOTHING

    1. Oh1 what a tangled web they weave when once they practise to deceive eh! WW thought there was some rule, somewhere, that if the money wasn’t spent within a given time – the local authorities have to give the money back! Go on Dunsfold Park and ask for your money back – we dare you. Please let us know if you get the cash bonanza? We will let you know where you can drop the bottle of bubbly off.

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