Another one bites the dust!

Godalming Mayor and Waverley Borough Councillor Resigns for ‘personal reasons.’

Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the decision of Godalming Town Council to dispense with planning meetings in future, and the possibility of  ‘Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan  doing away with the Green Belt around the town and building all over Ockford Ridge? Could it?

Why the hell can’t our elected representatives tell us WHY our votes were wasted in Godalming – Haslemere – Farnham – Cranleigh and all those other towns and parishes which are presently imploding due to resignations! Some councils bear no resemblance to those set up three years ago at the local elections. Roll on 2019 – there could be trouble ahead!

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This is our last weekend post! While we were writing this Simon Thornton was resigning and the chairman of Cranleigh parish council was fighting to hang on to her chairmanship after Guildford Conservatives said they wanted her OUT!

The Waverley Web hit a nerve with our post yesterday and some of the comments we received prompted  us into thinking about the people who currently represent us on our town, borough and parish councils.

Here’s the post. May be, just may be we won’t need to elect anyone to represent us at ‘Your Waverley’ in the future?

According to  our followers holding planning meetings has all become too much for councillors in Godalming.

‘ A little birdie tells me, that after the 2015 election Town Councillors’ attendance plummeted. They abolished the Planning Committee to reduce the number of meetings they had to attend.’

We also understand there has been a bit of a spat in Haslemere – where three councillors resigned, and in  Alfold, where not a single parish councillor turned out to attend a planning inquiry when e a Government Inspector was asked to consider Thakeham Homes appeal to build almost 600 homes on the Springbok Estate, more than doubling the size of the village!vA decision is expected very soon.

It is not unusual for at least one-third of the members of Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee not to turn up – and attendance at many other committees in and around the borough are also falling.

Starring  ‘The Newby’, councillor from Ewhurst. Presumably she couldn’t get a seat there?

There have been so many resignations in the ‘new town’ council that it’s like a scene from the film, Revolving Doors!

 Newby Angela Richardson,  only recently – very recently – helicoptered in as a  parish councillor,  had the cheek to challenge the authority of Council Chairman   Councillor Mary Foryszewski calling for a vote of no confidence in Mrs F.

Who the hell does she think she is? The woman is barely out of her trainer pants as a parish councillor and already she’s throwing her toys out of the playpen on behalf of the Guildford Tor branch! A little more respect, please, Councillor Richardson, for those who’ve been there, seen it, done it and have the scars to prove it! And, all this angst from someone who lives in Ewhurst! How did that come about?

Apparently over there in the East it is the local Conservative branch that rules the roost and said Richardson is  Anne Milton’s stooge.

Angela, who likes to boast she has a background in Investment Banking Operations – so did Andrea Leadsome and we all know how that turned out! – only moved to the area eight years ago, whereas Councillor Foryszewski has been a Waverley resident for 17 years and a borough councillor for eight, or is it more?

But Councillor Foryszewski – AKA ‘The Gob’ on account of her Brummy accent and refusal to be quashed by anyone (and, boy, have they tried!) is more than a match for Newby.

The mutter on the party grapevine is that Anne Milton, in Henry II mode, flew into a panic, when her funding was threatened by the Cash & Clout brigade, over her abject failure to get Councillor Foryszewski and the Cranleigh renegades to tow the party line in relation to no development at Dunsfold, uttered the fatal words, “Who will rid me of this [meddlesome woman]?” On hearing this, Angela, who has a flair for amateur dramatics and is a loyal supporter of Mistress Milton – whom she hopes to supplant one day in the not too distant future – sprung into action and, launched her first salvo in what she expects to be a short and bloodless coup.

All we can say is watch your back Mistress Milton for, as sure as eggs is eggs, what goes around comes around! Your turn next …

The Newby, Cranleigh’s answer to Angela Merkel, has her set her sights on your seat and she thinks she’s on the fast-track:

1. Next stop Chairman of Cranleigh Parish Council – once she’s ousted Councillor F?
2. Next step Surrey County Council – she’ll have no trouble routing the dull-as-ditch-water Andrew Povey
3. Then, before you know it, she’ll be stepping into your shoes in the parliamentary ring.

OK, they’re not as pretty as Theresa May’s R&B kitten heels but given The Newby’s penchant for stabbing her so-called colleagues in the back no doubt Councillor Richardson prefers killer heels!

We’ve heard the locals are saying – Come back Dom McAll, all is forgiven!

May be, just may be we won’t need to elect anyone to represent us at ‘Your Waverley’ in the future?

5 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust!”

  1. There’s a rumour of a significant resignation at Godalming Town Council. If accurate that’ll be the third by-election in two years. Democracy doesn’t come cheap. It seems a shame that the taxpayers should pay for internal turmoil amongst the Conservatives.

  2. We understand there have been resignations all over the borough! In fact most of the parish councillors are now being co-opted to save taxpayers’ money, or is it to save a great many red faces? Some council’s bear no resemblance to those actually elected, and now SW Surrey Cons and Guildford Cons choose! Democracy – Hypocrisy more like.

  3. Cllr Simon Thornton has just announced his resignation from Waverley with immediate effect, so there will be a by-election soon. I assume the same applies to his Godalming Town Council (Central & Ockford) seat.

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