Oops here goes another Neighbourhood Plan.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 19.29.53.pngDown the pan goes Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan, then Farnham’s, Alfold’s and now its the turn of the Surrey Hills village of Ewhurst.

Isn’t it time  to rip up all the borough’s Neighbourood Plans – forget the many millions of hours spent by thousands of residents across the borough in their preparation. Because Waverley has a developer led plan, backed by Government Inspectors’ all of whom are determined to cover ‘Your Waverley’ in concrete.

This week it is the turn of Ewhurst to be ignored by Liz the Biz and the rest of Waverley’s shove and shunt planning officers – one of whom is off to greener pastures, where no doubt, he will soon be covering that in concrete?

On Wednesday the jackboot of Elizabeth Sims( LTB) will go under the arse of Peter Cleveland, and Chairman Peter Isherwood to shove through 58 homes into the foot of the picturesque Surrey hills . Land  owned by Peter Nutting has been earmarked,  after his previous success developing the countryside in homes and now called Larkfield,  wants to trouser a bit more dosh by knocking down two homes to force  onto more of his land behind for another 58. Not in his name of course!

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Having buggered off to Hampshire’s countryside, the former Ewurst resident is eager  to plump up his bank balance, having once told its residents how much he and his family cared for the place they once called home.

So ditch the Neighbourhood Plan, and let’s all hear ‘Your Waverley’, not ours any more,  here at the Waverley Web we’re  too ashamed to own up to recognising this council as ‘ours’,  as it recommends  its  handpicked councillors, which won’t include substitutes from Cranleigh,  consent to  homes beyond the Green Belt. Homes outside the defined settlement on a site which was not allocated within its own Draft Local Plan, or was put forward as a suitable site in the Council’s (2016) Land Availability Assessment.

Oh, and forget that it is  good agricultural land, or that there is ancient woodland or trees covered by  Tree Preservation Orders which will have to go. Just give them the chop and plant some new ones around the little boxes. As for the wildlife! what wildlife? Sod them,  they can always gravitate up the hill a bit, because there’s no gold in them there hills – or is there?

What ever you do JPC – don’t take a blind bit of notice of the parish council or the villagers of Ewhurst over there in the East, because most of them are just Tory voting fodder, who will rock-up at the next election and vote for anything BLUE!

But just REMEMBER – the new residents will rely for almost every service they use, including GP’s on CRANLEIGH NEW TOWN!

 Inspector SJ Buckingham maintained the site in Farnham mentioned below was ‘ previously developed land’ in other words – a brown field site, and would not be ‘especially harmful in the countryside’. Funny,  Waverley planners seem less reticent about granting permissions on the countryside, even around flood plains, in the East of the borough.

So – another shed-load of legal costs will soon drop into the council tax-payers lap.


4 thoughts on “Oops here goes another Neighbourhood Plan.

  1. We Won Thanks to Mr D & Ms F – Well Done – Mr Isherwood was so red in the face – It was Wonderful to watch – he Obviously agreed with Planners – as usual (Unless it it in his neck of the woods) and no sign of Ms Cockburn – Probably fed up of the abuse (tho I do hope nothing seriously wrong- she is a trooper) WELL DONE GUYS – You Won!!! – For Now

    • We agree. Councillor Deanus and others in the East of the borough came up trumps – would have been a different story if the Farnham councillors had been there. The planning officers are still manipulating the substitutes to ensure the East’s representatives are not brought in. It really is becoming an East – v- West battle – and there is more, much more to come. By the time Dunsfold is kicked out every green field in the borough will be up for grabs. Let’s hope that some of them go to Wonersh, Chiddingfold and Hindhead.

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  3. The Government is hell bent on covering Surrey with housing because Surrey is a tax cow that it can milk with impunity. Surrey keeps giving the UK’s highest taxes per capita but kept in the dark so that it fails to object the tax rip-off that gives it the UK’s worst infrastructure.

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