In one short, succinct letter to the Haslemere Herald, Peter Maltby, of Chiddingfold, has explained why Sajid Javid should pull his finger out and grant consent for the Dunsfold Park planning application which is currently gathering dust on his desk.

Forget Mistress Milton. Forget Jeremy SHunt. Forget PoW. Forget the Waverley Web. Just read and digest the argument put forward by Mr Maltby, a Chiddingfold resident who is fed up with the Parish Councils, in cahoots with PoW, who are persistently not representing the views of the majority of local residents like him.

Oh! and don’t forget Mr Maltby, and all you other unsuspecting parish residents, your parish councils are spending your money opposing Dunsfold, and your borough council is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of your money – supporting Dunsfold Park! You couldn’t make it up!!

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6 thoughts on “BY JOVE HE’S GOT IT!”

  1. Where is this Airport? As it is now an airport I assume there must be a train station within 10 minutes walk so it all makes sense.

  2. What can I say except “Ballsdown” !!
    That anyone can even concider it to be a good idea to put a Mini “City Centre” at Dunsfold AERODROME/PARK (not Airport) is beyond me. It may be mostly Brownfield – but is can still be viewed from the AONB and Medium rise appartment blocks and Multi storey car parks are hardly in keeping with this rural area. There are NO PLANS for secondary schools and the facilities proposed in the outline plan are hardly going to make the new mini-city self sufficient – Walking to the train station is a great idea – IF WE HAD ONE to walk to. He mentions the roads around Surrey being saturated – How is creating this going to ease the traffic on the A281, A3 etc?? Dunsfold and Alfold (the two closest villages to Dunsfold Park) are already set to get 225 new homes built in the new Local Plan and Cranleigh 1700.
    So I am afraid I do not think he has got it at all… far far from it

  3. Of course you are right! Another shedload of houses destined for Ewhurst’s green fields this week. Just watch Liz the Biz on another roll, as she bulldozes those Joint Planning Committee Councillors into doing her bidding. Another Neighbourhood Plan bites the dust – another green field covered in concrete and more to come, no doubt. No wonder all the Cranleigh councillors want to leave ‘Your Waverley’. But, then they are being closely followed by disenchanted residents trying to get out.

  4. I shall be watching – with a very loud EAR PIECE in the vain hope I can hear it! – I will be interested to hear how they justify building on land which is located within the Countryside beyond the Green Belt outside any defined settlement area.(Except for the 2 houses being demolished)
    The site does not comprise an allocated site for housing development within the Council’s Draft Local Plan Part 1, nor has the site been put forward for consideration under the Council’s Land Availability Assessment (2016). It is also Grade 3 agricultural Land (OK it isn’t Top but it is GOOD) There are Trees with TPO’s and it has been recognised that that not only will some have to be felled but some others may be damaged by the road works – As for the ecological surveys – I wont even go there…The Ecological Co-op a tiny organisation in Midhurst/Petworth – But as I read the Planners reasons for Granting – Well they can and will justify anything they want to and will no doubt (as you rightly say) bulldoze through, despite the s106 agreements not yet being agreed….

  5. Got it? You mean: What a twerp. Keep to your oil and environmental work PM and leave local issues to those who know what they are talking about.
    He has absolutely no idea what’s going on. The housIng approved at DP by WBC is above actual need and therefore not required.
    Peter (of Little Down, Ballsdown, Chid) is a little out of touch with his neighbours so go and have a chat with your locals and parish Chairman (RH) then you might start to understand why your letter is pointless and completely out of touch.
    Not even worth giving this guy airtime really WW.

    1. We give everyone airtime Mr Maxwell – even you!!
      P.S. Watch all the villages, including Chiddingfold, start moaning when Dunsfold goes down and homes are built in their back-yards. Coming to green fields near you soon?

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