‘Your Waverley’s’ very own ‘Billy no mates,’ stands up for Cranleigh and is slapped down…again.

Here is a clip of Farnham Residents’ Councillor Jerry Hyman explaining why 54 homes should not be built on the flooded fields pictured below:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 17.54.20.png

Just in case you missed one of our Farnham councillors speaking up for Cranleigh in  a bid to persuade Waverley Planners from making yet another… MISTAKE.. A BIG MISTAKE.Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 16.21.28


The morale of the tale is quite simple.




Ignore ‘local knowledge,’ refuse to allow pictorial evidence to be shown, because it could provide valuable evidence that could influence the decision-makers, who continually ignore the views of Cranleigh councillors, and remember that Chairman Moa is in charge – and the “experts and the lead flood authority are always right’

So don’t forget  Cranleigh residents – the  next time your homes go under a couple of feet of floodwater, and the summer stench and fly infestations are difficult for you to bear…  in 2017 the ‘experts’ said…

No problem! and so did a Touch of Frost and Chairman Mao!

Thakeham’s home – but certainly not dry!

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