When will someone within ‘Your Waverley’s’ the hallowed halls be held accountable for their BIG mistakes?

Croydon Council kicked Waverley’s ‘Omen’ into touch with a golden goodbye, and ‘Your Waverley’ welcomed him with open arms. He has seen off two Chief Executives – Mrs MOP and Wen-am-I leaving, but now his reign is over… WW wonders WHY?

After all – didn’t he do well – he managed to kick Age UK Waverley into touch – even suggesting, just a month ago, that all the other voluntary sector organisations would do much better if they were funded by a Waverley Lottery leaving  ‘Your Waverley’ to trouser £750,000 a year, by dumping their future funding on… US.

Yep,  it’s called double whammy!

Then of course he managed to re-new all the old people’s day centre leases, making it even more difficult for them to stay in the black, and…

re-negoiated the 100 year-lease on Cranleigh’s beloved day centre, and exchanged it for a 25 year-lease which,  if the organisation fails, YES YOU GUESSED… the lease returns to your very clever WBC! So… a building funded by the residents of Cranleigh, on land owned by ‘YW’ goes right back to “YW.’ Who can then do just what the hell they like with it!

His colleagues call him THE OMEN, we here at the WW call him the ‘Silent Assassin.’

Good luck Epsom and Ewell Council – you lose -we gain! And… he gets out, yet again,  before the mucky brown stuff hits the proverbial fan!!



Another one heads for the…Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 19.00.47.png

You can read the pdf file here:

17.10.12 – Council chief quits shortly before the outcome of air quality report copy

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