3 thoughts on “Let the living hell begin!

  1. Hi WW, all the above is only a nod towards the disaster that this stupid pointless scheme could turn into if the finances go to Pots (no pun intended) just look at the building work unfinished & now shut down site at the Water lane roundabout site now the local building company has gone broke, the same company has also stopped work at Pax hill nursing home in Bentley leaving a half-finished project with no roof, site abandoned. Hoping Crest Nicholson does not go the same way or Waverley will be a laughing stock.
    Keith Glaysher

  2. I really feel for you all in Farnham – I do mean it – I wouldn’t wish this mess on anyone – As I have said on many occasions – if there was a more cohesive feeling of support in the Borough you may get others feeling the same – I think at the moment we are so busy looking at the sh1t that is happening in our own area we forget the Bigger picture of what is happening throughout the Borough

    We have become a Borough Divided by this and it is such a shame – We could be so much stronger if we were together on ALL the developments and NOT have Towns hoping that if they support development in one area it will not have to happen in theirs – as we have seen in the past (No places mentioned – But you know who you are!! )

    I do hope you get the support you need to stop this shambolic mess and manage to protect the Listed and important buildings in Farnham as well as providing something in that area that will give the residents what THEY want and not the planners.
    Best of Luck and I promise one day I will get on my bike and visit Farnham
    Best of luck
    PS watched the JPC meeting this evening – Bet they were glad to scoot off to the Pub early for once – Eezy-Pezy – Guildford says NO and so shall we and the Planners – Bit of a turn up for the books – -they will be back no doubt – But after all it was only for SANG not Houses in Waverley – I loved Isherwoods Volte-face – It was so red it could have exploded but at least he was polite for Once!!

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