Residents have coined a new name for the home of ‘Your Waverley’…”Godawfulming”.

Now why would ‘Your Waverley’ want to retain local businesses – after all work places don’t figure in the housing figures do they?

So services and businesses mentioned in the e-mail below – are small fry really – and now the Catteshall Lane area of Godalming, mentioned below and which attracted a shed-load of objections – has been approved. 


Because if the Government’s wish is to cram homes into every available space, then its wish is ‘Your Waverley’s’ command. 737851301_959159

Hi William,
Just discovered that my lovely garage Catteshall Garage at Woodside Park in Godalming is closed (although the chap who ran it has gone mobile). Why? The landowner Mr R Trendle of Woodside Park Properties limited has been granted permission for “up to” 100 dwellings including 17 affordable (presumably the others won’t be affordable) plus play space, building for community use blah blah.
This one sneaked us by although Waverley notified 155 people, 16 objected and 26 supported.
Permission was given 26 May this year.
So, even more cars in Godalming once building work starts.

The Catteshall area is already heaving with vehicles as is the Sainsbury’s end of town and we await with trepidation the affect that full occupation of Prime Place (the former police station site) will bring along with, no doubt, more vehicles.

Both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose car parks are regularly bumper to bumper zig zagging right through from end to end like a huge snake, with drivers getting more and more frustrated as they try to get out.

In addition we learn that the English Chain Company in Brighton Road, Godalming also has plans lodged with Waverley for 14 dwellings on this site which has an horrendously difficult access.

When will it all end. The town has sadly become known locally as “godawfulming” – about right I reckon.


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