Javid blames NIMBYs for housing problems.

Planners should ignore NIMBYs (not in my back yard) says Sajid Javid – the very same man who has listened to Waverley’s very own – called POW (Protect our Waverley) and has called in the borough’s major brownfield  scheme delaying house-building. 

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week the Communities Secretary admitted his party had spent far too long allowing older people with large homes to determine housing policy.

His comments came as it emerged Tory Ministers are urging  Mrs May to slash stamp duty for first-time buyers.

Speaking on the BBC’s John Pienar yesterday, Mr Javid said. “We have been listening too much to these people  who are against development under any circumstances. They bought their homes 20,30,40 years ago, they’re sitting on a nice net egg and don’t want to see the next generation go ahead”.

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His remarks drew criticism from countryside groups, traditionally supportive of the Conservative Party, but Mr Javid went on to lament the “injustices” of the housing market and vowed to overhaul it with £10billion more for help-to-buy and new protections for renters including an incentive package for landlords to persuade them to offer longer tenancies.



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