We’ll all be shopping/supping and sitting in Farnham’s Blightwells – before we know it. Won’t we?


Every now and again ‘Your Waverley” gives us here at the Waverley Web a damn  good laugh – and laughing is so good for us all, isn’t it? So we want to share it with you all.

animated-spider-image-0201.gifOur Incy nearly fell off his web with shock after hearing that…

‘Your Waverley’ is ‘hoping’  – a question mark does mean a ‘hope’ doesn’t  it,  to have rental income from Blightwells in two years time… Er without a spade being used in anger? What are they going to do? Surcharge the vandals, the pigeons and the bats to bring in the income?

Just read the last line of the Budget Review for 2017 and look at the  line of question marks!

  Before you pop out and stock up on shopping bags,  according to the Overview & Scrutiny meeting’s cosy little chat held in a committee room during which they all forgot it was being webcast, it was revealed that ‘Your Waverley’  would have  a £2.8m deficit next year and in three years time the council would be bankrupt!  So be fair, our councillors really do deserve ten out of ten for trying. That extra income from Blightwells could make all the difference. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.21.01.png

So far the only thing Waverley has built is this little model. How much for firewood?! Oops, sorry this was built by the Farnham Society wasn’t it?


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