Geronimo! We made it – at last! The Waverley Web’s existence has finally been recognised by the Flying Scotsman and it is all thanks to … ‘Dear Denise’.

In the 18 months since the Waverley Web began spinning we have regularly posted on the Big D – Dunsfold Park – and the controversy surrounding its efforts to build on the biggest brown field site in the borough.

Not all our posts have been supportive of the DP administration. We criticised  them repeatedly for their tardiness in actually submitting the scheme and have ribbed them  and their legal representatives  mercilessly during their submissions to a variety of local Inspectors.

However, despite our appeals for information, clarification,  and explanation,  which is a bit mean being in mind we have backed their vision from the outset – what have we heard…from the Flying Scotsman?

A GREAT BIG NOTHING – нічогаništaНищоništanada; in fact NOUGHT! ZILCH!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 08.44.08.png

That is until to-day! The momentous 25th August 2017!

 It  appears that although our little arachnids aren’t worth the webs they spin in, one of our followers not only gets a mention but she also gets a perishing invitation to take tea with the engine driver.

 And we’re telling you all – if we don’t get the lowdown on everything she wants to know, that we want to know, and that she will now know, then we will want to know why?

Or you will be able to watch us spinning  into our early grave!

and here’s the letter , so sorry we couldn’t do it privately – we don’t do private on the Waverley Web. However, don’t fret Sir – all your secrets are safe in the tangled web we weave – because we don’t practise to deceive.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 16.24.55.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 08.54.13.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 23.43.43

 Please accept the invitation Dear Denise – for all our sakes – and then all the answers can come straight from the engine’ driver and not us the oil rags!

Oh! and if you go to tea – can you bring back a few Eccles cakes the ones with all those flies inside – just for us!! 



6 thoughts on “Geronimo! We made it – at last! The Waverley Web’s existence has finally been recognised by the Flying Scotsman and it is all thanks to … ‘Dear Denise’.”

  1. When you Stop being so Farnham-Centric – I may tell you more – But for now it is Private as it always should have been – I am not in this for the Fun of it – Going to enjoy some sun – YUP I am on Holibobs and no doubt some other F*** w1t will drive into us on the A281 whilst our poor House sitter is looking after the place

    3600 is just so do able isn’t it?? 4000 or 5000 They won’t need trains or doctors they can cycle to Cranleigh – When you start smelling the daisies – I will reply We can just keep Ms Cockburn quiet (I Wish – Poor Poor Farnham)
    As ever

  2. Sorry that really was A Rant – I don’t mean to be rude – I just get frustrated with the lack of knowledge that you guys seem to have about what we actually have here in the East and I get even more angry when I see those in the West that have Trains, Major Trunk Roads Hospitals /Medical centres, Shops, cinemas etc saying it is OK to just put all the Housing needs here..
    When Farnham stop banging on about DP – I will stop too – It is wrong and it is Biased.

  3. Michael, your faux protests, personal abuse and rants make you sound less like an “Angry Joe of Farnham” and more that you are the chosen puppet of a certain developer. You, Julie, Kathy et al. should declare yourselves rather than hide behind your Mac keyboard. “Don’t do private” indeed. Anonymity is a fragile thing…

  4. Sorry Bigger-Spider – who is Michael? Who is Julie and who is Kathy? They are not known to us. We have said it before and we will say it again, but louder. THE WAVERLEY WEB IS THE PUPPET OF NO DEVELOPER IN FACT NOBODY! ALL WE HAVE EVER SAID IS – WE BACK THE USE OF BROWNFIELD SITES BEFORE THE COUNTRYSIDE! Got it! The only reason we hide behind our keyboard is to enable us to reveal what is actually going on in our borough. The last blog that tried to do so failed because it was killed off by ‘Your Waverley.’

  5. Gosh what a tangled Web indeed! As I said I was sorry to have ranted previously but was a tad cross that my name was stuck up there on the web – I do post under my real name – But it doesn’t need Headlines and this is not a game. It is fairly apparent there are more than one of you as your styles are quite distinct and I get your need for privacy. You do report on Cranleigh and even Alfold (hate your differing names tho’) But you are V Farnham-Centric but I guess that is where the bulk of your followers live…. Needs must of course!

  6. We apologise for using your full name D but as you have been very vocal (thank goodness someone is speaking up for Alfold other than Councillor Deanus) we assumed you wouldn’t mind.
    Our sincere apologies if we did offend you.
    We agree we are Farnham centric, but do our utmost to cover as much of the borough as we can. There is, of course, more than one of us. One person could not cover the whole borough – we work as a team – and try to give the posts a humorous slant, but NOT because we are making light of the important issues we face. If there is one thing we do detest- its apathy. But nobody could accuse you of that D.
    Still baffled by those named above? We certainly have no wish for any of those names – and there are many thousands of them in Waverley – to have the finger of suspicion pointed at them.
    We repeat, we are nobody’s puppet!

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