‘Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan Inspector Calls!

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You may, or may not know, that to-day Tuesday   ‘Your Waverley’s Daft Local Plan’ is being  examined by a Government Inspector – Mr Jonathan Bore!

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We will say no more!


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2 thoughts on “‘Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan Inspector Calls!”

  1. WW – I support your work in holding WBC to account – But I think it is a little “mean” to bring this in after this terrible tradgedy – We all know they have to base their decisions on the information given by Planning Officers and the local Services such as Fire, Police, Emergency services etc… If this issue wasn’t raised with this application or any other – How would he know?

    We have shed loads of councils being held to account over this, which is good. But to say this means he cannot make a decision on Our Local Plan is disigenuous – I have seen his comments regarding why he thinks the Dunsfold Plan is flawed – and if ONLY I could cut and paste them here I would…. But I will quote from a paragraph manually – So forgive Typos………

    “The Allocation is said by the council to be more sustainable than focusing more developement on greenfield sites at the main towns, where there are various planning designations, environmental constraints and highways pressures. But when it comes to assessing sustainable developement options for a strategic plan, designations can be reviewed, and development impacts may be capable of mitigation. I am also mindful of the distribution of population in the Borough which may have influenced the balance of the consultation response which favoured housing at Dunsfold Aerodrome”

    If nothing else it shows his understanding of the fact that the consultation process was flawed in that the majority of those in favour of the Dunsfold Development did NOT live in the area, and to state otherwise is wronge. As with many of the applications in Cranleigh. Until there is a fairer distribution of power in the Council and JPC the East of the Borough is always going to be screwed.

  2. Did we say, or imply, anything disingenuous about Inspector Bore?
    And… if the Inspector decides that WBC’s housing allocation should go higher, and those homes should be provided on the countryside. So be it! But, don’t complain when they start building around you!

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