Has Waverley’s former Tory leader gone to pot?

Cllr and former Waverley Leader Julia Potts left her Farnham seat in a fit of panic during the last borough council election and parachuted over to Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford.

Having tucked the rural seat safely under her belt, the potty one continued for a while as Tory Leader. But it was no fun leading a dispirited rump of a party. So she resigned after a respectable gap and leapt out of her chamber pot into a more satisfactory and remunerative role, as all Tory’s do,  and then moved away from the area.

She now works as an Associate for Cratus Communications, a company she had forged close links with during her tenure as council leader.

Here’s her profile. https://cratus.co.uk/associate-directory All About Julia

Here’s just a taster:

Julia led the strategic direction on key major planning and regeneration developments within the borough, including the Brightwells Farnham Regeneration scheme, a mixed commercial and resident project worth £120m which aimed to bring jobs, shops, leisure and new homes, with an annual £900k income for the council. She spearheaded a £9m Ockford Ridge Refurbishment and Regeneration scheme to provide 104 new Council homes and ground-up refurbishment of remaining council homes on this estate to decent home standard and liaised with developer and landowners.

In summary, she is a visionary Leader and Communications Specialist with a proven history of success in pioneering change projects across complex business landscapes.

Like us, most residents couldn’t give a jot who she works for or where she lives. But does duping the residents of Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford sit well with residents or former incumbent who, being the gentleman that he was, handed the seat over to her?

 Cllr Potts’  colleague Cllr Brian Adams was kicked out of the Conservative Party a while back for some misdeameanour.    He now represent his constituents as an Independent. 

Take me to ‘ Your Waverley’s new Leader?

So here’s Cllr Potts Attendance record for the past six months. Has she gone AWOL? Or is Cratus taking up all her time now that leading the Tories has lost its shine and Cllr Stephen Mulliner has accepted the leader’s baton?  Should the good folk of FD & Tilford should be seeking a By-Election?

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  1. Thank you Waverley Web for publishing Cllr Potts’ photo, I often watch Waverley You Tube broadcasts just to keep tabs on what they are getting up to, and I had totally forgotten what she looked like!

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