Dicky De’Anus doesn’t want another traveller site on the A281 near Alfold – and neither do the gipsies!

Residents living around Stovolds Hill nearly choked on their Weetabix when they read Part 11 of Waverley’s Daft Local Plan, which gets dafter with every passing day …

The phone lines went into meltdown as they rang, e-mailed and knocked on the door of Alfold’s very own councillor Kevin De’Anus, who has been far too busy objecting to development on that great-big brownfield site, to concern himself with the greenfields around Dunsfold Airfield. Many of which are now under threat …

… not from the settled Gipsy community – but travellers who are buying up land faster than developers!

Councillor Penis – as Alfold residents have taken to calling him because he’s such a dick-head – gave a host of reasons why the site for travelling showmen, pictured below (which was the subject of numerous applications, and appeals, and then an Article Four direction. This prevents anyone living on the agricultural land now or in the forseeable future,) should not have even seen the light of day but is now  in a document due to go out to public consultation shortly!

and he didn’t know anything about its inclusion in the Plan-and he’s on the EXECUTIVE!

But, as Planning officer Graham-Sick-as-a-Parrot explained to the Council’s Executive, the consultation will give the locals an,  “opportunity to comment on the – Options and Solutions,” in the Daft Plan.

Comment!!! Comment – who is  he trying to kid??? The British Airways meltdown will have nothing on the Armageddon facing Your Waverley’s internet when this gets out.

Officers have even been contacted by the Lydia Park gipsy community, who are even more concerned than the worried-well-to-do, because in recent months almost 100 acres of land around Alfold has been bought up by Irish Travellers eager to satisfy ‘Your Waverley’s’ widely expressed need to find sites for the gipsy and traveller community! Talk about biter, bit! Even the gipsies don’t want their settlement to get any bigger!

“If we aren’t very careful – we are going to end up with another Dale Farm – and then we will get out! He said the gipsy community set up in Stovolds Hill over 20 years ago had, made huge strides to integrate into the community. Children attended  local schools, many had successful businesses, and contributed to the local economy. The existing concentration was as much as the area could take. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 23.25.46.png
Dale Farm. 

WW asks why would Polly Parrot,  even consider including a site in the  countryside close to an existing  large gipsy community?

May be ‘Your Waverley’ could solve everyone’s problems. – A suggestion which has been made to the Waverley Web many, many times since it was founded a year ago – “perhaps they could house them all on one great big site – all 635 acres of it at … yes, you guessed it, at Dunsfold Park… Lydia Park… has a certain ring to it! Ding-a-ling!

Meanwhile, Councillor Penis (formerly the *iss Artist known as De’Anus), might want to consider investing in a new Kookaburra Kahuna (AKA a ‘Cricket Box’) as word on the village green is that there’s a lot of people who would like to express their disapproval of his interpretation of the seven Ps – AKA *iss Poor Performance on his Part has led to *iss Poor Planning for Alfold!

There are many hundreds of homes planned in and around Alfold/Loxwood. 

Alfold- has no  school,  few services, sewers or infrastructure … a   huge flooding problem and poo regularly pops up in their gardens!

Says Very, very Angry of Alfold: Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 22.45.26.png

Now there’s a good idea? Why don’t we all post our poo to ‘Your Waverley” marked For the Attention of the Chief Planning Officer and her assistant Polly Parrot?

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 23.40.12.png

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