Dunsfold Park gets the go-ahead for more driving days – but not without a fight.

Despite strong opposition from Bramley councillors and a handful of neighbours, Dunsfold Airport Ltd can continue using a perimeter track and runway for popular driving experience days.

Bramley Councillors Richard, ‘All at Sea’ borne and Martin ‘Arsey’ D’Arcy, wanted the popular driving days either halted altogether, reduced or face much stricter controls. Despite permission being sought for a temporary period until 30th April 2024 at   DUNSFOLD PARK, STOVOLDS HILL, CRANLEIGH.

Fans of Top Gear are familiar with the track at the aerodrome earmarked for a new Garden Village of 2,600 dwellings. Home of the world-famous BBC motoring show since 2002, thousands of motoring enthusiasts have enjoyed taking on its famous corners in a huge choice of cars thanks to

Engineers designed Dunsfold Park’s track from Lotus to test the all-around ability of the cars that lapped it. As a result, Dunsfold has offered a combination of long straights, high-speed corners and tight, technical bends to enthusiasts from the UK and overseas.

In a report, the eastern planning committee heard that –

“Due to the strategic allocation and planned development of a new settlement at Dunsfold Park officers were satisfied that due to the phasing plans for the new settlement and anticipated build-out time frame, the temporary use of the track could easily be ceased and there would be no detrimental impact on housing delivery and the New Settlement being brought forward.”

Standing up for residents, Cllrs Seaborne and D’Arcy wanted the temporary period reduced to 12/18 months, the existing two weeks’ notice of events extended to 45 days, much stricter noise monitoring and a more robust real-time complaint procedure adopted by the applicants.

Cllr Seaborne (Con Bramley) said:

“I want to see real-time noise monitoring and real-time action on noise complaints.”

Cllr D’Arcy said,Residents had given up complaining because no action was taken.”

However, officers revealed very little data showing complaints – and others argued that any aerodrome was a noisy venue.

Members heard a strong objection from a neighbouring wedding business set up long after the established driving days in 2014.

Here’s what Cranleigh Cllr Mary Foyszewski had to say: 

Be careful what you wish for!” 

The application was GRANTED by the committee with one against and one abstention.

Click here for more Dunsfold Park Information.   Surrey Driving Experiences page.

These are the items included in the new noise management plan put forward by the applicants.

7 thoughts on “Dunsfold Park gets the go-ahead for more driving days – but not without a fight.”

  1. I can’t see how noise from Dunsfold would affect those living in Bramley – they should try living at Springbok!

    1. From distant memory, a solar farm has covered acres of the site for many years, and excess energy goes into the National Grid. Dunsfold is, we believe, self-sufficient for energy. As for getting a change of use? Well, that is a huge question. Where will homes go? Across the countryside the length of the borough. Waverley is already being over-ruled by numerous Inspectors because it does not have a five-year housing land supply. DP is a brownfield site, included in the Local Plan and is providing huge sums – around £50m for vital road improvements and infrastructure projects.

    2. and create a 24 hour noise problem. All properties near the original wind turbine sights in Cornwall were, after a lengthy court case given finacial recompense to have triple glazing installed to remove the constant noise hazzard of WHOOSHING from the blades. The new super turbines are even noisier because they move a greater volume of air

  2. What a flipping joke, these idiot councilors should have been in the vicinity in the 50’s/60’s70’s when they were delivering 10 Hunters a week & test flying the P1127/Harrier. That was noise, but it was linked to mass employment. My partner lives next to the sight on the Alfold end. You can barely hear it. This brings a great deal of enjoyment to many people & i would rather they did this on track than the A281 ! Long may they continue providing the service & long may councillors from Bramley stop stuffing their noses into something that doesnt effect them

  3. A few corrections: Dunsfold Park is not self sufficient for energy. Indeed McAlisters plan was for all homes to have gas boilers. Wind power needs wind. Wind turbines do not create local jobs. The infrastructure / road improvements were to try to deal with the huge impact of 8000 extra vehicles on the road. The sums involved will fail to reduce that impact sufficient for any of that money to be considered a net benefit to the community. The key description should not be brownfield, but ‘least sustainable’ site in Waverley.

    WW’s judgement seems coloured by his mantra : ‘thank god they won’t build in my back yard if Cranleigh takes the bulk of the housing requirement’.

    1. The WW did not say Dunsfold Park’s future use was self-sufficient, but its existing use was. The overflow goes into the National Grid. So, sadly you’re mistaken. As for the forthcoming heating systems. Does anyone know what is proposed? The site has not yet been sold to Threadneedle, and no developers have been appointed. As for the road improvements – do you know how many homes have been built between Horsham and Dunsfold Park? Many thousands. Traffic is already nose to tail on the A281 and not one home has been built at Dunsfold Park. Are developers in Horsham providing cash for road improvements along the A281? Answer No. Are the developers of homes proposed or built in the eastern villages and in Guildford – for their buyers using the A281, contributing to an upgrade? – No! Do you want homes built all over the countryside and the site you claim is “the least sustainable site” in Waverley used for industry or other purposes? If so, what? Please tell WBC, we are sure it would like a great big hole in its Local Plan. As for Mr McAlister’s plan – which has long since been forgotten it will be up to whoever buys the site to determine its future. Where exactly is Mr Mc’s backyard BTW?

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