Just in case you think it is just the East of the borough that is under attack Farnham’s developers are at it too!

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A  threat of legal action by developers  to halt a Referendum on  Farnham’s Local Neighbourhood Plan was withdrawn at the 11th hour.  Last  Thursday residents voted with their feet when  86% of them gave it their  seal of approval. 

However, regular readers will have noticed that long before similar plans affecting  the Eastern villages have even been signed off by ‘Your Waverley’ it is all over bar,  a great deal of shouting,  and long before any Neighbourhood  Plan is in place! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 14.08.47.pngTo read more from the Farnham Herald – click here: The WW would like to stress  that it is in no way connected to the Farnham Herald or any of its journalists. This site’s mission is to inform everyone within the Waverley borough of important issues that affect all our lives!

17.05.04 – Developers delay their challenge copy

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