Rumpole says – not you lot again?

Six months ago nother High Court Judge gave the CPRE & POW leave to appeal yet another decision on ‘YW’s’ Local Plan Part 1. You can read it here. Here we go, here we go, here we go Ooooh!


I was cheated by you and I think you know when
So I made up my mind, it must come to an end
Look at me now, will I ever learn?

or do we mean …


Money, money, money
Ah, all the things I could do
If I had a little money …

What are we on about? As if you haven’t guessed …

PoW (Protect our little Corner) has just announced it needs to raise approximately £25k for its Court of Appeal challenge on June 24th. They need the dosh In case they fail in their latest bid to stop further housing in the Borough. If they succeed Waverley Borough Council will pay – although PoW still needs funds to cover court costs and some of the fees for solicitors and Counsel. WOW! Now ain’t that sad!?!

Apparently, this time around, PoW believes that funding should come from as wide an area as possible within Waverley as the whole Borough stands to benefit if they and CPRE win their case!!!

You don’t say?!

Cutting to the chase: PoW is off to the Court of Appeal, in cahoots with the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) to see if they can reduce Waverley Borough Council’s housing quota.

So, not content with having already cost ‘Your Waverley’ – which means you and me, dear Reader, for it’s we, the Council Tax payers, who fill WBC’s coffers – in their abortive attempts to stop development at Dunsfold Park. The largest brownfield site in the Borough, and by far the most fitting place for housing development.  Now CPRE/POW are busy with plans to prevent Waverley having to meet some of Woking’s unmet housing need. Not that we disagree with the idea but should they really be making more waves? Costing Waverley Council Tax Payers yet more of their hard earned dosh at a time when the Council is already struggling to meet all the demands on its cash-strapped coffers?

Furthermore, somewhat mendaciously, what PoW isn’t telling its gullible supporters is that if PoW and their predecessors, Stop Dunsfold Park New Town, hadn’t fought so long, so hard and, ultimately, unsuccessfully, against development on the biggest brownfield site in the Borough, there is little doubt that the multiple housing developments that have sprung up – and continue to spring up – wouldn’t have got a hearing let alone a foothold across the Borough. 

For, whilst SDPNT and PoW were busy protesting against and holding up development at Dunsfold Park, Berkeley Homes, Cala Homes, Crest Nicolson, Bellway, Miller Homes, Andy Cranleafy, the Lettuce King, Nick Vrijland, and Uncle Tom Cobbley wouldn’t now be digging up half the greenfield sites in the Borough.

IF,  Dunsfold Park had consented back in 2009 when they first applied for housing development, we may not be looking at the countryside of Waverley swimming in concrete?

Back then, PoW’s predecessor claimed there was hardly any demand or need for housing development in their corner of the Borough. 11,210 dwellings later … POW now, belatedly claims it wants to protect the remainder of the Borough! Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted!

Previously, PoW’s fundraising was pretty much limited to the movers and shakers in the villages we have mentioned with Phase I of Dunsfold Park now consented and numerous of their green fields  already buried under concrete, it’s dawned on the not-so-great-and-not-so-good of those villages that they’ve been sold a pup.

So PoW is having to widen its net and is busy trying to fool the rest of the Borough that they care, they really, really, REALLY care about housing everywhere and not just the aforementioned. 

To add to PoW’s woes, with a new Chairman in charge of Awfold Parish Council, we rather doubt Mrs Penny Mayne will want to risk being tarred with the same brush her predecessor, Nick Pigeon, was when he and Parish Clerk, Crystal Tipps Weddell, embarked on their infamous money-collection service on behalf of PoW. Certainly not now one of those behind investigating the scandal is a new parish counsellor!

 Waverley Web has heard that members of PoW are really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time around and are involving themselves in some pretty novel money raising exploits. In fact, Ruth Archer quite unintentionally summed up one of those initiatives when, speaking about Open Farm Sunday, she said in Tuesday night’s edition of The Archers: … [there’s nothing] “so popular as getting hands-on with an udder.”supremejudgepow

The mutter in the gutter in Awfold and Duncefold is that the PoW Cow has been hiring out her udders and one irate wife has caught her husband red-handed (not to mention red-faced) with a handful of … um …, er …, well … the PoW Cow’s udders!

Is that even legal? enquired one startled Waverley Web correspondent. We’ve no idea but form an orderly queue, please!

But enough of the wisecracks, the real question is: What does this initiative really do for the residents of the Borough? The answer: Bugger all! For the long and the short of it is that most of the villages have already taken more than their quota of housing – in case PoW hasn’t noticed, Alfold is already in the process of quadrupling in size with development coming out of its ying-yang;

Cranleigh already has more than 1,700 houses consented and Duncefold is imploding like a bad mushroom! So what’s our advice? Save your money and spend it on something useful – like a pair of ear defenders and a window cleaner when the concrete mixers and dumper trucks roll into a field near you!

All aboard! All aboard! The PoW gravy train is just about to leave the station … Roll up! Roll up! All those who want to waste more of Waverley Council Tax Payers’ hard-earned dosh on another round of fisticuffs in the Court of Appeal. Meanwhile, the diggers in Awfold, Duncefold, etc, etc, etc, will just carry on dig, dig, digging

9 thoughts on “Rumpole says – not you lot again?”

  1. Hang on – if you look at POWs table of the proposed housing quota reductions you’ll see your beloved Farnham will have 500 less houses imposed upon it. Won’t that bring the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan back into validity? Surely even you will enjoy the benefit?

    1. By the time this decision is made – our beloved Farnham will be awash with housing. You don’t really think that Blightwells will end up as shops and restaurants do you?

      Anyway, this is nothing to do with the rest of the borough. This is a ploy to stop further development at Dunsfold. Because CPRE/POW don’t really give a damn about the rest of the borough’s countryside, they want to stop further development on a brownfield site. So get real.

      1. Of course POW winning and reducing the quota won’t stop the permissions already granted in Farnham – but it will make your Neighbourhood Plan valid. Likewise it won’t have any impact on Dunsfold Park. If you look at POW’s table of reductions you’ll see Farnham at >500 and Dunsfold Park is at zero.

  2. The prospect of success (for PoW) is certainly lacking. Why Waverley waste so much money on this I don’t know.

    1. Waverley spent fortunes of OUR MONEY trying to stop Dunsfold, and while they fiddled the borough burned!

      Now they are in a position where they have to defend their stupidity, which is why the borough turned on them during the recent elections. The New Guard are stuck with it now. But someone at Waverley Towers needs to tell the public the truth about just how much of OUR MONEY they have wasted during the life of the Tory administration? Bucketloads – and they don’t even account of staff time? Imagine running a business without needing to account for any of your staff time?

      Will the New Guard spill the beans? Doubt it? but we live in hopes of those promises of honesty and transparency. Time will tell?

  3. Hi WW
    I think you are wrong. If WBC had come up with a Local Plan Sooner then perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess and the same applies to the Villages’ Neighbourhood Plans. Developers are now Piggy-backing the DP development as if it is the panacea for the lack of infrastructure in the Borough.
    They may well be proposing Good innovative things – But it doesn’t detract from the fact that we have Diddly – Squit in our Village – and despite WBC saying it is a NEW VILLAGE for crikes sakes – it is in between Alfold and Dunsfold and will have a massive impact on our villages

    DP may be the largest individual employment site in the Borough at 700 odd jobs – But it still does not make Alfold / Dunsfold sustainable locations for this mass of development in Cranleigh and the villages in the East.

    If it is possible to reduce the housing numbers by NOT taking Woking’s unmet need then I think it is worth a shot – So again we disagree – If you know the figures .. Do tell me how much Employment there is in Farnham/ / Hindhead / Godalming?? You cannot tell me it is the measly 700 at DP??

  4. Employment sites are disappearing in Godalming, Farnham and Cranleigh. Shops being turned into homes, offices being turned into flats, and a Government intent on allowing a free-for-all in the countryside. Hewitts Industrial Estate now becoming a housing estate, and numerous small business sites in Godalming, Farnham and in Haslemere – LOST to yet more housing.

    But we agree, Alfold is not a sustainable location, but the onward march of developers will continue unabated, until they just cannot sell them? Then watch the developers bring up the drawbridge and shrink-wrap the diggers?

    The FOR SALE signs are going up all over the borough, with many making the great big getaway. Some buyers have already sold new homes saying – ‘this is not quite the rural idyll I thought it was going to be.’ Another said, ‘I didn’t think I was burying in towns and villages that are gridlocked – like Farnham and Godalming.’

  5. Well Quelle Surprise – We always knew that this massive overload here was gong to be an issue – I simply don’t understand why the developers didn’t get it – It is Not rocket science?? Forgive typos Puppy next door eaten my Reading glasses – SO am struggling with reading my Laptop.. I hope that now they get the fact that Cranleigh is overloaded as is Alfold – It has to stop sometime

  6. Yes sometime? Do hope you find your reading glasses. Have you looked under the sofa?

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