The smash and grab of local pubs continues… how bad is that for Rowledge?


As pubs are pulled down quicker than pints – isn’t it time that the Government changed planning rules to prevent our local watering holes going down the pan? Across the country 33,034 lost pubs, 875 of those are in Surrey.

  Makes you feel like pouring yourself a drink!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.32.55.png


We can see it now – pretty village pub makes way for more little boxes – made out of tricky tacky and they all look just the same!




Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.20.20.png
Please read more in the amazing Farnham Herald, which we want to stress, has absolutely NO links with the Waverley Web.

 So there you are! – Remove one use class (restaurant/pub) to provide another use class (offices) then allow developers  to use the change in planning law, which now allows conversion from offices to residential use! 

All over bar the shouting, if you will excuse the pun – another community asset in Farnham  bites the dust! many Along with thousands  of others across the country. Read about them here!

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