Local democracy is dead – long live local democracy – ‘Your Waverley’s’ way.

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‘Your Waverley’s’ doors were slammed shut in the face of the man who has become a thorn in Waverley’s side. The borough’s very own  – Mungo Jerrie  Hyman – who gets more like for T.S Eliot’s favourite feline  Mungojerrie from the Musical,  Cats – every day.

We at the Waverley Web wonder when the Farnham Residents’ hell raiser is going to get his claws clipped? Taskmaster Taylor and Batty Bainbridge, must be gearing up to nail him – surely?  You never contact us Mungo? Have you forgotten our email contact@waverleyweb.org Many of your colleagues haven’t! So don’t be shy – let us know when the Stazi move in on you?

 Because you really do need to understand some basic rules.

  • councillors can’t question officers,
  • councillors must ignore officers,
  • officers are always right and must be thanked for doing the jobs they are paid for at least 100 times at every meeting.
  • Questioning them, particularly on their ability to spell correctly, including  the confusion of incorrect  page numbers, or not including information ISNT ALLOWED  MUNGO !
  • Shut up or  put up, if you want to say something do it in private and  behind closed doors!

 Cratus Communications who carried out ‘YW’ recent  strategic review suggested there should be a – change of culture at YW. We here at the WW are well-known for our cynicism at times, but change a culture that is buried deeper than the Great Train robbers’ stolen dosh! NEVER! 

Burn the ballot box, save councillors expenses, save a shed load of money and let’s   adopt – ROBERT’S RULE! Well that is once ‘Wenham-I-leaving’ trousers his final salary pension and buggers off to Bognor!



Councillor Hyman’s efforts to give the people of Cranleigh an opportunity to learn of the fate of the centre – they built and paid for- was denied at the Full Council because he was told – the decision was CONFIDENTIAL – and it had BEEN MADE and due to its ‘commercial sensitivity’ was private and would remain so…

LATEST UPDATE ON : THE GRAB A LEASE SCANDAL. The tail is about to wag the dog again – In Secret – behind Waverley’s closed doors to prise an asset away from the town councillors have dubbed, “poor old Cranleigh’?

So chaps – there you are – the man did his best to shine a light on  the whole rotten grab -a-lease scandal just another underhand deal done in the name of ‘Your Waverley’? Which was aided and abetted by Councillor Patricia Ellis and the Rowleys Chairman Brenda Hobson (sorry we wrongly referred to  her Hodgson in our last report so we heard from the eastern locals, or yokels as they are called by ‘Your Waverley’)  –  and who resides in Midhurst, West Sussex. Far away from the local flack!

Bet you people over there in the East are feeling really pleased that you stumped up £250,000 to build the place, and which, when ‘Your Waverley’ decides its days are up, – as they surely will be, you know who to blame – and it won’t be Mungo!

We have received comments from the locals that they are recommending that in future villagers keep their hands firmly in their pockets when asked to contribute to local fund-raising ventures.

The  grab-a-lease scandal combined with the grab-a-land and grab-an-access road onto the  Snoxhall playing fields for a private nursing home – not a hospital – has been described as  a national disgrace!

Bit like the grab-a- Memorial Hall/  Memorial playing fields/Blightwells/Gostrey Centre over here in Farnham.!

If it doesn’t move – grab it quick!



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