May the Fourth be with you!

In just a few days time the voting fodder of Surrey will pick up their polling cards and walk…

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This will be their opportunity to get more of the same old, same old – or, perhaps, just perhaps, the politicians fodder will actually choose to vote for a candidate and not for the political party he/she represents.

Let’s just pose a few basic questions about ‘Our Surrey’ and how it has managed our county over  the past four years?

  • Are we impressed with the closure of all the county’s old people’s residential homes – particularly those who, with amazing passion and care, worked  with those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia?
  • Do we believe they have spent the £11.8m that was raised from last year’s council tax hike on improving adult social care? In fact – are we sure it was  spent entirely on ASC?
  • Do we believe it did the right thing by deciding it would no longer fund the Meals on Wheels Service?A service aimed at enabling older people to remain independent in their own homes!
  • Are we confident that it was acting responsibly by shutting down/or proposing to shut down all the Alzheimer’s Centres in the county?
  • Are we all happy to see the lights turned off from midnight until 6.a.m. – except of course in you live in Spelthorne where they kick up a fuss!
  • Do we back its  decision to invest £30m of our money in Farnham’s toxic East Street development, which was shunned by commercial investors.
  • Are we concerned about  travelling around Surrey trying to find somewhere to pay to dump our rubbish at reduced opening hours. 
  • As the pot holes deepen and HGV’s smash-up our  pavements as they mount them – do we feel safe, cycling, walking or driving any more?
  • Do the £2m cut in bus services concern us? Particularly in the rural areas
  • What about the serious funding issues in our schools?
  • Or the crass decision to suggest one of Surrey’s most amazing beauty spots – at Newlands Corner becomes ‘Your Surrey’s” answer to a sort of moneymaking theme park?

We could go on…and on…


But the   Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 17.28.01.pngjust has to be the total cock-up when Bodger Hodge did a ‘not so’ secret deal with the Government and someone had the guts to film it and send it to the BBC. Otherwise – once again behind closed doors!

Pour yourself a stiff drink and listen to this – and then go down to the local polling station and VOTE … but remember – we get the Governments we deserve!

Surrey County Council takes star role in Radio 4’s ‘Councils in Crisis’ documentary

Remember – ‘All politics is local” and voters need to know they can influence decisions and not be ignored.

Here’s what one resident said in the amazing Guildford Dragon – the town’s on-line newspaper about the Shalford Tory candidate who has been helicoptered in! Can hardly wait cover his contributions at’ Your Surrey?’

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2 thoughts on “May the Fourth be with you!”

  1. Lets not also forget the eye watering pay rises the Councillors and the Chief Executive[he earns twice as much as Theresa May] have awarded themselves,the fact that they are whipped by party to vote [ooh matron!!,sorry no old peoples homes left in Surrey,run by the council],the millions spent in property speculation outside the county,the SCC pensions black hole, the failed investment in Landesbanki, the Icelandic Bank which went bust, the fact that we pay the third highest council tax in England,and have had it increased by the maximum lawful amount in the last four years amounting to 14% over that time,and still they will ask for more IF they get elected to fund their lavish lifestyles, property speculations,and mismanagement of our Council Tax revenue.
    Enough is enough time to pull the plug on this bunch of joderells .

    1. Sorry we missed everything you mention here – but we would have been forced to write a compete book. But many thanks for alerting the readers of Waverley Web and we will gather together all the comments we have received on, and off-line, and do another post – so thank you. WW

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