When will our local authorities start telling the voting fodder the truth?

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Why the hell do newspapers have to lodge FoI’s (Freedom of Information Requests) to extract the truth from  our local authorities. If you wonder why press freedoms should not be curtailed, then read your local paper – you can read us too if you want  the lighter side of life!

We all know fly tipping has increased … because we see it with our own eyes. Flat pack furniture boxes in lay-by’s – bags  of rubble in ditches, mattresses in Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty and rubbish strewn along verges and blocking ditches.

Surrey County Council –  intends to shove up our council tax by 5% despite introducing controversial charges for  ‘non-household waste and reducing opening hours at recycling centres, (which  may now prove to be an illegal charge!)

These  stupid and counter productive moves of closing recycling centres on certain days and  introducing  a new charging policy has had the effect of increasing the burden on themselves (SCC) and other authorities. This  includes – ‘Your Waverley!’ who is  forced to shove  up its council tax to pay for staff and CCTV cameras  to catch the culprits who will then be fined £400. The average builder dumping his rubble won’t worry too much about that little irritant will he?

The public too have a responsibility to find out when recycling centres are closed  and deal with their rubbish accordingly. But forcing them to travel from one side of the borough to the other to dump certain items is sheer lunacy isn’t it? Doesn’t that add to traffic movements and subsequently sair pollution?

So when Waverley council has plastered the borough in expensive CCTV cameras – what next?

Perhaps consider catching fly tippers by putting Councillor Kevin De’Anus back on the beat? 

It is now possible the council is not entitled to impose charges and may face a legal challenge… more money on defending its actions dropping into the bottomless wheelie bin?screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-15-29-16

Isn’t it strange that Hampshire, which hasn’t increased its council tax, has also resisted making changes to its recycling centre opening hours! Isn’t that where Haslemere Town Council said it wanted to move? 

Well of course residents are tipping their rubbish on the Downslink – they are doing that along its whole run, and have been doing so FOR YEARS.  – WHY? Because they don’t want a railway line, do they?

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5 thoughts on “When will our local authorities start telling the voting fodder the truth?”

  1. When in Aberdeen in the 1980’s waste would be collected free of charge to avoid fly tipping. Why has efficacy become hostile to local government. Don’t they realise that we have become an antisocial, littering nation.

    1. Those were the days my friends-we thought they would never end- they did – and now the countryside is like one large litter bin. Yesterday, one of our webster watched a lady of very mature years, doubled over picking up the trash left by others. At least some of us care!

    2. You are absolutely right – the average builder is very responsible – however we have received reports of “blokes in lorries” dumping stuff. So please accept our sincere apologies and next time we refer to them we will not call them Builders!

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