Is the Surrey Highways By-Passing Bramley?

OH DEAR! Now it’s ‘Poor Old Bramley!   We hate to tell you,  if you are waiting for an apology – it could be a while coming!

This little missive is taken from the Bramley Parish News !



“I would rather they didn’t bother with the re-surfacing anyway – much better if they built a new By-Pass to serve all the development I keep approving in the Eastern villages.” OOPS! except Dunsfold of course!

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4 thoughts on “Is the Surrey Highways By-Passing Bramley?”

  1. Ye Gods and little fishes! The things that the nobs of Bramley have to put up with. Try 150 new houses just over your back garden hedge – that really would be something to moan about. No chance of that though, with the Bramley – Hindhead Cabal in charge.

  2. You got it in one Cranleigh Man. Every time a planning application goes before Waverleys Joint Planning Committee up goes By-Pass Byham’s little mit! In favour of course!
    He claims he doesn’t want the extra traffic through Bramley but what he actually means is – he doesn’t mind thousands of houses being built in the Eastern villages – as long as it is not in Bramley or at Dunsfold. And… he does’t mind all the Cranleigh Brick and Tile Grab lorries thundering through on their way to Knowle Lane – because the parish council has trousered a cash handout from the company that is filling in the most toxic site in Europe soon to become – yes -yet another housing site. When is the electorate over there in the East going to wake up?
    And… we doubt that it will end with only 150 new houses over your back garden hedge … we here at the Waverley Web believe the developers are now crawling all over ‘poor old Cranleigh.’ But then – perhaps – Matron Milton will come to your aid?

    1. Not likely we would get more help from the Lone Ranger. She seems, like Denise Wordsworth, to have lost the will to fight (if she ever had it). Don’t expect any help from that quarter. Let’s hope that she has decent opposition in 2020, or before, and she may live to regret her lack of interest.

  3. We very much doubt it. Matron Milton has her eye on a seat in the Lords – after all there really aren’t enough of them there now are there? But don’t give up the fight Cranleigh Man – because we will not give up until the fat lady sings!

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