‘Your Waverley’s New Best Friend trousers another load of dosh, but gets caught for tax evasion!

And here’s another one for the delectation and delight of all those admirers of Crest Nicholson around Waverley! Yeah!

At Crest Nicholson’s Annual General Meeting in Surrey last week 107.3 million shareholders v0tes were cast against its pay plans with 70.33 million against – a 58 per cent rejection. So what did ‘Your Waverley’s NBF decide?

It would push ahead with implementing the remuneration package regardless as the vote was “non binding

Not content with denying the neediest in Farnham the prospect of affordable social rented homes in the Brightwells development, CN’s top dogs have added to their glory by awarding themselves bonuses amounting to £2,349000 (that’s not a typo) in spite of the fact that their own shareholders voted against the move at last Thursday’s AGM.

Now we and many others wonder how many affordable rented homes that huge dollop of money might have built if it had not been pocketed by CN’s greedy bosses? Have they the nerve to suggest they are the needy ones? Just check out their pay rates before bonuses: Chief Executive, Stephen Stone, gets a measly £541,158, while Chief Operating Officer, and  Wonersh resident, Patrick Bergin, gets a pathetic £375,000. – that’s some operator, that Mr Bergin. So, doesn’t your heart bleed for them? No, no and no again.

So watch out Waverley residents for antics like this when it comes to other deals Crest Nicholson have in the making around the borough. Don’t trust the buggers, not now, not never. You have been warned.

Oh! and by the way – you may need the sick bowl before you read this – because!…  It tells of an attempt at tax avoidance by CN but happily HMRC caught them out!

It leaves a stink and a bad taste to know that Waverley are seemingly content to deal with a cheating outfit like CN.  Haven’t Crest Nicholson avoided enough of their company’s dues with the negotiations they have conducted over the years with WBC to do Farnham and Waverley council tax payers down over the Brightwells scheme? Ignored planning conditions!

What’s the betting that the pattern is repeated in other developments in Waverley?

We hear from the Cranleigh Society this is what they have put on their advertising literature! “Relaxed pace of life” – not according to the locals who have hundreds of grab lorries thundering through their streets!

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You can read it here: CN Tax Avoidance 031716032017

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