Who has been sold a pup – could it be the council taxpayers?

The poor little bedraggled fella picture here is putting a brave face on things as he says “things around here are just getting worse.” The once popular Marlborough Head pub part of Farnham’s Blightwells/East Street is now a shadow of its former self, boarded up and covered in graffiti! 


But where would that Pup be?  At ‘Your Waverley” or Crest Nicholson’s HQ?

There are so many letters in the Farnham  Herald’s pages about the Blightwells Project – that we will have to drip fee them to our readers. We want everyone in   the Borough to read what is going on in the ‘Hole patch’ that is being wrecked by Waverley Planners… just in case the rest of the borough, particularly The East,  think it just they who are being crapped on it concrete from a great height. 

And.. yes Mr Hook you are not the only one! – All the council taxpayers in Waverley would like, and deserve,  some answers?

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 16.40.10.png17425140_10155110326146613_6318397310859690353_n.jpg


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