Waverley triumphant!

We here at the Waverley Web – and quite a few others, judging by the e-mails we received at  mailto:contact@waverleyweb.org – didn’t actually find ‘Your Waverley’s’ triumphalism  over its David & Goliath win over Farnham’s Famous Five very edifying. As you will no doubt gather, neither did one of our  contributors pictured here!

We have in the past few hours received this Press Release from the Farnham Five and will post on this separately at a future date. Press Release on Ruling [4]

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However, its  Pyrrhic  victory over Farnham’s Fearless Ones may not boost their reputation in the eyes of all Waverley’s residents and it could, like Pyrrhus, suffer heavy losses ! 

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Just to recap – “Your Waverley” and its NBF – Crest Nicholson – joined forces and engaged top barristers – after being told by council members … ‘win and it doesn’t matter how much it costs’ to prevent  a bunch of pensioners even getting to a Judicial Review of the Blightwells Saga.

Of course it didn’t matter how much it cost did it? Because ‘Your Waverley”  was using our money to defend  a challenge brought by residents with their own,, and other Farnham residents’  money. So we make that paying twice! Or is that conclusion due to our heightened sense of humour?

Remember …  what ‘YW’ and its New Best Friend ‘CN” actually won, was merely the right to stop  FFFF’s – even getting to a Judicial Review because the Judge ruled out their right to challenge. (Well he would wouldn’t he – don’t want the voting fodder all over the country getting above themselves and actually believing they can challenge authority – do we? Whatever next! Anyone would think this was Cameron’s BIG SOCIETY!

 Oh! and before Gone to Potts (YW’s leader) goes on record humming and hahhing about how the challenge has delayed the East Street/Blightwells re-development – maybe she should look closer to home.

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So the  regeneration goes ahead . However –  before “YW” and its ‘NBF’ get too complacent about their bully boy tactics perhaps they should read the letter and article below which was sent to us by a Farnham architect with 30 years experience in retail development.

And, perhaps ‘Your Waverley” should consider this. – The problem with being a bully is that on the flip side of that particular coin, you’ll find the imprint of a coward!

Only time will tell if ‘Your Waverley – and its NBF – are heading for the slow motion car crash that many are predicting!  

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