Is it a shed? No its a first floor extension in Glorious Godalming!!!

We received this little post from one of our followers and we thought it might give you a little chuckle ! And it is the start of a new week after all and it can’t be all be heavy-duty stuff can it?

Look away now if you haven’t got a strong stomach or appreciate good design!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.44.35.png

Dear Waverley Web,

I meant to contact you a while back but the leaves were on the trees then… Why is that?

WW: Could it have had something to do with it being Winter?

He continues: “Because with the leaves on trees, this abomination of an extension in Quartermile Road, Godalming, is less obvious (but still visible) – allowed by Waverley planners. Having suffered looking at it now since the leaves fell OFF the trees, I feel compelled to speak out. Roll on spring.”

We agree with that one, lambs skipping, birds, and Donald Chump and Batty Bamford… tweeting,  council tax bills sprouting… we digress!

It appears four people were notified of the proposed extensions at this property according to Waverley’s planning website Scroll through .
But as you can see no objections!

WW: – how many times have we heard that one at ‘Your Waverley’ pull the other one it’s got bells on!

This is very odd as I know for a fact that at least one person objected very strongly – not us – we weren’t told. We only overlook it!

Silly Billies! You only overlook  the extension – so why on earth do you think you would be warned/consulted or even listened to?  WW

What on earth makes Waverley residents think it matters to close neighbours?   The dummies in the planning department stick a pin in a map, shut their eyes and count to twenty…don’t they?  The Waverley Web had an e-mail from a Cranleigh family who had five, yes five  notifications from Waverley – all with first class stamps – one to the husband, one to the wife, and three to ???

So… you think your special in Godalming do you?

He continues:

Anyhow, the drawing is below – and in the public domain on Waverley’s planning website and the photo – attached – illustrates the reality. We call it “The Shed” and we really feel sorry for other neighbours who are even closer to this ghastly piece of construction work.
Cheers and thank you Waverley Web for your wonderfully revealing website…may it long continue…

Let’s hope ‘Your Waverley” consult you and  a few more people when they post their own planning application to redevelop The Burys!!  Don’t worry Godalming – we’ll let you know before they do … unless they catch us first!! WW

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