Yet another development will be approved on a flood plain tomorrow – next to an overflowing Poo factory – won’t it.

Look at the spectacularly failing sequential test if you want a good laugh/cry?


“Your Waverley”s Joint Planning Committee Numpties who are on a roll – all over the East and the West of the borough – will be at it again tomorrow. So Cranleigh get your concrete boots  and your wellington boots ready!! Because they are off again!!!

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 20.09.39.png

This cartoon certainly applies to  the new redesignation of the East of the borough including “Poor Old Cranleigh” as the ‘new town’  has been dubbed by “Your Waverley Councillors.”

No doubt poor old Mary Foryszewski will be fighting tooth and nail to stop yet another 265+ homes being built on the lowest point in Cranleigh by the Knowle Park Initiative (now re-named A2 Dominion – same people new name) in the beleaguered Elmbridge area of Cranleigh New Town. Ah well – it is the only road in and out of Cranleigh that isn’t sporting a set of traffic lights or a…Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 20.06.22.png

 No doubt the Stennett Duo will either remain silent or declare yet another “pecuniary interest” due to all those ‘not so secret meetings with their friend the  Cranleigh Lettuce lout. Let’s hope Cranleigh’s digger driver  has a groundworks contract to add to his lucrative ‘Your Surrey’ waste recycling contract in the bag?  Let’s also hope that when they  slink out of the Council Chamber this time  – they do Cranleigh residents a big favour, and never return! 

Then it would give an opportunity for properly elected representatives to actually represent the views of some very angry Cranleigh people! Who …  are becoming more angry by the minute!

Bramley’s By-Pass Byham will however support the application, despite being worried about the increase in traffic – because he is only concerned about traffic leaving Dunsfold New Town not Cranleigh New Town. After  all,  the cars are different leaving Dunsfold…’they have Wings not Wheels’  don’t they.

And doesn’t he believe, in common with Cala Homes, that everyone travels to Cranleigh by train!! 

Now councillor Byham, and all you other thickoids that we entrust with the future of our towns and villages – the owners of these homes  will probably be arriving by boat!! Because here’s part of the site pictured in 2014..Still it’s only a big puddle according to Cranleigh resident ‘Batty Bamford’ that he claims – old ladies moan about!

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 15.16.26.png
Alfold Road Access to West Cranleigh Nurseries. Get your wellies on chaps? 

Oh and just in case you need a little light reading here’s some info about flood insurance! not that we expect the planning plonkers to take much notice of that – do we – after all they  won’t live there, work there or even represent the area at the next election… will they? They will have tucked their planning permissions neatly under their big fat belts and buggered off into green pastures new – that’s of course, if they can find any?

Want to read what the Cranleigh Society thinks of ‘Your Waverley”?  Read it here..though they are far more polite than we are!  Here’s a sample if you don’t have time>

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.27.30.png
Do we hear the distant call for a Merger Coming on? Maybe 600 Surrey councillors/allowances/expenses/ is just too many?



23 thoughts on “Yet another development will be approved on a flood plain tomorrow – next to an overflowing Poo factory – won’t it.”

  1. What do they say that there is two types of hope, Bob Hope and no hope well this case I fear is the latter, if Liz the biz gets her way, which is not uncommon in the council chamber this planning application will go through as looking at the front sheet information it is recommended that it be granted.

    1. How right you are – let the wagons roll all over the open countryside and let the diggers do their damnedest – because the destruction of Cranleigh village has well and truly begun. When are the people over there in the East gong to wake up and start SHOUTING? WW

  2. Also just reading it again recommendation for the plan to be granted providing all requirements are made in section A , well that’s a joke as we have seen in all the other developements, building works started before conditions met, as one councillor told me when I questioned why these developers got away with not complying ” well they have to build the houses first before they can put in the amenities ” that left me thinking that I was right and that the bulk of these councillor’s are not bothered only when it might encroached on their little bit of Waverley. So back to my point it does not matter how many conditions they put on, the developers will ignore them and do as they soddng well please.

  3. Liz will back anything that will secure her position, she backs liars in her department without a blink so a little drop of water in someone else’s garden is of no concern to her. I will stand in the SCC election but whatever donkey the TT’s put up will be elected. Sore head and brick walls here I come – AGAIN

  4. Oh boy and when you read our next post we will reveal the donkey you will be standing against. Get your sneakers on and start pounding Cranleigh’s pavements- all your prayers have been answered! WW

  5. I had to drive to Guildford the other morning Friday. Between Cranleigh, from the Gaston Gate roundabout and Shalford I passed thirty five grab lorrys going towards Cranleigh area. Not only a short distance but a short time. I had a drive up Smithwood Commn road yesterday, this is the road going to the Amlets Lane building site, the edges of the road have gone, there are great big potholes every where, it is truely disgustng, try driving on the roads in a mini, not only the surface but then meeting one of these lorrys LETHAL.
    Our country lanes are just that – country lanes that are not built for construction traffic let alone the future traffic when all these properties are in situe. Sometime ago there was a Disney film released and in it the saying, ‘never leave the cave and you will be safe’ I think that applys around Cranleigh and people are not aware of what it will be like or is they don’t want to know?

  6. This developments will probably come on line when high interest rates make them unaffordable.

  7. Well there you go outline planning passed for another developement in Cranleigh, no surprise there.

  8. I am just so fed up after listening to the JPC this evening (had to do catch up due to work) For one – I am slightly shocked that the Councillors have only just seemed to realise how in the Minority we are here in the East – I have been banging on about it since last year – Not Bally rocket science that this East Development has been going on and the fact that we have no GREENBELT as I mentioned before does NOT mean BETTER land it is to stop URBAN areas merging – which is why we do not have GREENBELT protection here. For goodness sake doesn’t anyone read the Small-print?? What the hell are we paying these people for??

    Shocking this evening – and if I have to listen to Planners; PC and LS banging on about the rules – I will spit! They are so dismissive of J Hyman and Local Councillors and anyone that counters their petty fiefdom – Crikes who votes them in???
    Looking forward to the May elections – here’s Hoping that “White Van (Wo) Man can beat the establishment AGAIN – Oh Yes – had a go at that one too!! I am self employed too – What a load of C**** (stuff in Cranleigh waters) I am so ANGRY!!

  9. Oh and did I mention the 8 that Voted For this development? – I am sure you will find they live no where near it – as usual – as for the Chairman – I think he HAS to Vote with the planners – But having seen a lot of these Utube things now – more often than not raises his arm against when it is in or around his patch??? Maybe someone at WW can check – I don’t think I am wrong.

  10. I too watched it all tonight and have to agree with you all the way. Did I hear right when jerry Hyman was asking about the legality of some points and the lawyer ( so some would have us believe) told him he could not give him his personal opinion but would see him outside later, I was somewhat astounded at that answer yes and you are right the chairman always goes with the planning officers. One of the lady councillor’s also pointed out that now Cranleigh has lost Hewitt’s where would people work and followed it up with expanding another industrial estate to create jobs is that Mansfield Park where is has been muted the council want to build and what is all this money from the developer for schools, leisure etc, is there not a word for that.

  11. I forgot to mention the chairman saying that there were four councillor’s representing Cranleigh, I only counted two, obviously it was right at the beginning of the meeting and I either missed the other two or they were absent or had to declare an interest again and leave, do you know?

  12. He talks Crap!There was one Councillor representing Cranleigh-the Lone Mary with just one vote. The Stennetts should be forced to answer to Cranleigh or get out – NOW!

  13. Too many people on the council looking after their own interests, two borough councillors fighting in Cranleighs corner, two out of four and how many times has that happened just recently and why again should we have husband and wife on the same committees, as I have said before two bites of the same apple, totally inappropriate, especially on planning. I really don’t know why people in Cranleigh are and have not woken up to the problems this is all going to bring, it is alright donating money to schools to facilitate your planning application, but there will be no places at the schools or the classes will be too big to cope, you will wait longer to get doctors appointments, traffic will be horrendous, have you tried parking in Cranleigh now on a Saturday morning? I have said this before the developement at Broadbridge Heath was given on the condition that a parade of shops was built, health centre etc, when the building of the houses was complete the developers said they would not be building the extras as promised as they had no money to do it! So do I really believe a developer when they promise all these wonderful things, NO there is no guarantee that they will do anything regardless of what the planning officers spout. Where are all these people coming from to buy these properties or will it be like Godalming, needing properties for local people and then selling half to Croydon council. I have not noticed any people homeless on the streets of Cranleigh, I know lots of people who would like to own or even rent an affordable home of their own, but lets be honest none of these properties will be affordable to the normal working person, in fact the developers could only build the high end market and the council could do nothing about it because some of the councillor’s at meetings keep giving the developers the power to do this as instructed by the planning officers, you only have to watch the meetings to see how the officers talk down to the councillor’s telling them how they should respond. I really don’t know why they have meetings or committees as no one really listens to anything, they look after them selves as I have said before and if I hear one more of them say “they really feel for Cranleigh but…”, I shall scream because they do not mean it, I am alright jack springs to mind.

  14. Yes we agree it is quite nauseating listening to people throwing sympathy around one minute and voting through applications the next. As for the smug councillor who claimed she was alright living in Chiddingfold because it had the protection of the Green Belt. Don’t get too comfortable developers have they eyes on you too!

    Just one point not two Cranleigh councillors – just ONE. Only one councillor had a Vote – all the other cowards stayed well away!

  15. Sorry yes I realised after I read your last piece, I thought Liz Townsend was on the committee, my apologies, what a bunch we have in Cranleigh no support for Mary at all, words fail me and the actions of others embarrass me!

  16. Yours is a perfectly understandable mistake. But Liz Townsend was only allowed to address the meeting for four minutes as she is a Cranleigh Borough Councillor. She does not have a vote because, despite Cranleigh being under represented for well in excess of a year due to the late Brian Ellis’s illness, and his subsequent death, – no member has been appointed to take his place. Over there in the East residents appear to be in some kind of denial of what is going on- Why? This would never happen over here in Farnham, or for that matter in any of the other Waverley towns and villages! It is not you who should be embarrassed it is those councillors who stayed away! What exactly is their pecuniary interest? And, if they had pecuniary interests – then why were they allowed to meet all these developers in secret, with Waverley planning officers in attendance, on and off for years?
    It is time for Cranleigh people to get the answers to some serious questions of probity and accountability?

  17. I strongly believe that people that have their own business should not be councillor’s because there will always be times that there is conflict over council business and there will also be other business persons that use the old friends card. Councillor’s should be people that can attend every meeting without having to withdraw because of business interests in what is being discussed and while I am on the subject they should be crystal clear with all their interests, everything out on the table not hidden away which seems so often to happen and also why should the council meetings have the ability to deal with matters behind closed doors. IT is about time that all councillor’s and council officers remembered they work for us and are paid by us even Liz sims.

  18. Ever taken a look at ‘Your Waverley’s Register of Interests the lack of detail it is quite revealing. But you know what – now that the Waverley Web exists- all their secrets – will no longer be safe! Watch this space.

  19. The register of interest is a joke as I have looked at certain ones and can see NO interest declared but yet certain councillor’s keep having to excuses themselves from voting because of interests which appear not to be on the register!!!!!!!

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