Don’t fret Mary that your best just isn’t good enough. Ten out of ten for trying!

If you need convincing that Councillor Mary Foryszewski isn’t fighting hard enough to Care for Cranleigh then watch the poor woman’s performance at a recent meeting of “Your Waverley’s” Joint Planning Committee. (At the bottom of this post.)

She said she could “cry” and  “weep” at the way the East of the borough is turning, (freudian slip,   the…  “town … I mean village of Cranleigh” into one great big building site.

Watch her below  fighting to persuade her Waverley JPC colleagues  not to allow  planning conditions imposed by a Government Inspector to be varied on Berkeley Homes’ scheme for 425 homes in Cranleigh to be  varied with their blessing.

Along with her parish council colleague Councillor Richard Bryant, who addressed the meeting from the public gallery earlier, she said they wanted to ensure that the work on the bridges over the Nuthurst  and Littlemead  streams were constructed first. This  could ensure the  site off Knowle Lane and  backing onto the high street would not flood, or the area around.  Both  also spoke of their concern that all the construction traffic for Phase 1 would  access Knowle Lane through the high street rather than via  Alfold Road into Elmbridge Road which accesses Phases 2,3, and ….

Needless to say…

… if you listen to the clip below,  Muppet  Mulliner (Con; Haslemere East and Grayshot ) has got it wrong and the planning officer points this out to him,  that actually it is not until Phases 2, 3 and 4 are built that the bridges will be constructed.

So that’s alright then. Build 55 expensive homes on fields that have flooded – sell them, because now the Berkeley Bunnies have no restrictions preventing them from doings so… and,  if and when,  the rest of the affordable homes are built they cannot actually be occupied until the bridges have been built. Oh! and let’s not worry about nearby properties and the shops in Stocklund Square!

Let’s all hope the rains don’t fall on them there plains  on “Poor Old Cranleigh,”in the meantime?

Both streams regularly  flood and Cranleigh was under water, according to  records,  in 1968,  1981, 1985, and several times since. Sorry chaps the b****rs  have removed that section of the video so now you will have to watch the whole meeting here:


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