Pre – Election Stress Disorder hits Ewhurst and Cranleigh.



Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 10.54.53.pngApparently Jeannette Stennett ( she of the infamous and Dubious- Duo), Stephen Dennison and Peter Van den Bergh (of margarine fame)  are all suffering from a variation of PESD – a newly identified condition known as Post Election Stress Disorder. Although in this case the threesome  are suffering from

Pre-Election Stress Disorder.

The Triplets, as they shall henceforth be known,  all appear to be fully paid up members of the Councillor Alan Young Fan Club, and have written to the Surrey Advertiser to express their outrage that their darling has been deselected by the Guildford Conservative Association (GCA).

Whilst not being a torch-bearer for Councillor Young, the Waverley Web has some sympathy with their annoyance because it would seem that the local Tories, true to type, of not wanting to wash the party’s dirty linen in public, have refused to reveal their reasons for de-selecting Councillor Young.

According to The Triplets, Councillor Young is a ‘very able and popular Surrey County Councillor’, ‘a hard working councillor who listens to constituents, follows up concerns of the public and, more than most elected officials, gets things done,’ and ‘has been an outstanding councillor who has worked extremely hard and effectively on behalf of Cranleigh and Ewhurst communities.’

High praise indeed. In fact, if The Triplets are to be believed, Councillor Alan Young is an all round good egg – but they would say that wouldn’t they …

Well, one thing’s for sure, AY  has certainly demonstrated that he’s very adept at positive self PR;  pulling  off a bit of a coup getting three of his ‘groupies’ to not only write to the Surrey Advertiser to express their ‘astonishment and anger that … his name is not even on the list of potential Conservative candidates for the forthcoming County Council election’, but in getting all three letters published. No mean feat that we can tell you!

Councillor Stennett says in her letter, thatIn spite of numerous requests, the Guildford [Conservative] Association has refused to provide a reason for this decision’. Strange really that she has time to write letters, but hadn’t the good manners to answer for her actions when asked to appear before Cranleigh Parish Council, or, represent villagers views on controversial planning applications!  

Now, as alluded to earlier, the Waverley Web is not a worshipper at the alter of Saint Alan  but may be  his fan club has a point. It’s ridiculous, not to say bordering on the ludicrous in this day and age, for the GCA to refuse to give its reasons for de-selecting a Councillor other than to describe the matter as a ‘delicate situation’.

For heaven’s sake, if this website can publish a photo-shop of the Deputy Dominatrix (AKA Another-Fine-Mess AKA Matron Milton)Cranleigh’s very own Matron calls for an … Enema! wielding a whip in a pair of black stockings and frilly unmentionables, surely the Tory Party can unbutton itself and  tell its constituents, why it doesn’t think Councillor Young is a suitable candidate for the Selection List for the Cranleigh and Ewhurst Conservative Association.

Suffice to say our mole, deep within the local Tory Party, has given us the bare bones of the Party’s concerns and there are plenty of good reasons, frankly, whilst they’re not edifying they’re no worse than the mutters that have been doing the rounds in the gutters of Cranleigh and Ewhurst for some time!  The usual party disloyalty, public disloyalty, personal disloyalty, and a fair bit of brown-nosing – but after all don’t all Tory Tossers do that!!

Now, as our regular readers know, the Waverley Web does not like to over-indulge in rumour and speculation – OK, well, not without good reason! We and our correspondents value honesty, integrity and transparency – it’s our raison d’etre, you might say.

Meanwhile, the GCA appears to be indulging in a nasty dose of raison d’état!

After all, this is the man of whom the Deputy Dominatrix  Guildford’s MP Matron Milton said, in the run up to the May 2013 local elections: ‘Alan has done a fantastic job for the people of Cranleigh and Ewhurst and has achieved a huge amount in just two years. He has worked extremely hard and has a well deserved reputation for getting things done. He is a well established part of the community and I can’t recommend him highly enough.’

So what’s gone   wrong in the intervening four years, Anne? Do tell us, surely, your constituents whom you once urged to vote for him, deserve to know?

If the GCA won’t come clean and tell The Triplets and the wider Cranleigh and Ewhurst Constituency what it finds so – now, how shall we phrase this delicately so as not to offend   Councillor Y’s candidacy, in the interests of transparency someone else will reveal what’s swirling in the gutters of Cranleigh and, in doing so, raise the GCA’s Victorian  skirts to reveal not only those dirty-drawers but the unedifying underbelly of the GCA.

As for Stennett and  Young – ( they are well a truly up to their necks in   secret meetings with developers who are now swarming like bees all over the East of the borough.)  Let’s hope they don’t live to regret aligning themselves with him, and he doesn’t come to regret whipping up his Groupies into a frenzy on his behalf.  Because if there’s any whipping to be done it’s best left to the DD herself!

Oh! and one candidate for the final selection next week has already pulled out, so we are putting our money on Phillip Townsend – a man who truly cares about the Eastern villages, and unlike Andrew Povey, former disgraced leader of Surrey County Council, isn’t up to his neck in sleaze and carrying enough baggage to fill a Jumbo Jet!

So come on GCA, show us what you’re made of.

The WWeb  challenges you to demonstrate that you can treat the local electorate like grown-ups and tell them, honestly, why you think Councillor Alan Young is as unsuitable to be a Tory candidate, as we do?  The key to absolution is to be honest and if you and the D D- – have changed your minds about him, treat the voting fodder like  adults  and say  why! Go on, we dare you … spill the beans before someone else does it for you!

Because … it may very well  be us. animated-spider-image-0157

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