What it isn’t telling you about that tax hike!


You heard it on this blog FIRST… that “Your Surrey County Council” intends to hold a referendum on it’s proposal to raise “Your Council Tax” by an eye watering 15%.

Now – WW will tell you.  YOUR  VOTE on THAT  Referendum won’t make  one scrap of difference – because it’s  going ahead regardless.

The WW was tipped off  by a county councillor – we get more tips here than Bet Fred – that SCC is going to take the money anyway to plug the big the big black hole in its finances and then “if it loses the Referendum in May”  it will  pay the money back!  


Now, this shocking tax hike, from a Tory council that during the past 20 years has raised taxes an amazing 19 times, is said to be increasing costs to finance adult social care. But how was last year’s £11.8m spent? that is the question read here: Things you might want to know – before you respond to a proposed Referendum – on “Your Surrey County Council’s” tax hike?

  • Alzheimers Centre’s Closed or Closing! 
  • Age Uk Runnymede Closing, Age UK Waverley Closed –
  • money withdrawn for the elderly’s  Meals On Wheels service and would you Adam and Eve it?
  • All Surrey County Council nursing homes flogged off and Cobgates  in Farnham being used as a Student doss house!
  • Debt ridden nursing Homes who say they have not had any increase in funding for their local authority clients despite last year’s hike which brought in £11.8m!

So who exactly is getting the money? – Well we all know about all those massive pay rises trousered by Surrey councillors last year . After which, the  Independent Remuneration committee all resignED in protest!

WW have also heard from Surrey family’s who are self-funding aged parents in Surrey’s private  nursing home  saying  they believe they are effectively subsidising the less-well off  council funded residents as nursing homes shove up their fees to cover the local authority’s shortfall! They say…

 “which ever way we turn we shall be hammered one way or another.”

And – then they wonder why A & E’s are full to bursting point and Surrey Hospitals are on BLACK ALERT, or as Our Jeremy prefers to label THEM OPAL ALERT … in other words – Meltdown!

Watch this  Nice C4 piece https://www.channel4.com/news/political-revolt-in-surry

So when you are asked in May,  remember the decision has already been made – and the bills will be dropping through your door before you can say DAVID HODGE … and just in case you hadn’t  noticed,  before he started slating his Tory Masters, in the New Year Honours…  they gave him a gong!

WW says let’s all join the Taxpayers Alliance.

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