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Waverley Planners NBF (New Best Friend) SUES “YOUR WAVERLEY” FOR COSTS – FOR WASTING HIS TIME and.. “behaving unreasonably”

https://modgov.waverley.gov.uk/documents/b5886/Eastern Appeals Update and Costs Decision 10th-Feb-2016 18.00 Area Planning Committee Eastern.pdf?T=9Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.25.20.png

The very same developer who is in cahoots with “Your Waverley” to build a new industrial estate on the Green Belt in Cranleigh has sued for his costs on another application to change the use of offices to residential use. Oh dear!

Let’s all hope this little spat  doesn’t get in the way of their joint major development adjacent to Manfield Pasrk Industrial Estate in the Guildford Road. It certainly didn’t appear to get in the way of a scheme proposed for 75 houses in Alfold Road, Cranleigh.  “Your Waverley” has set aside £1m of “Your Money” for this little joint venture, and has just moved it from this year’s budget into next.  Bit too sensitive WWethinks!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 21.01.32.png

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