Is the “truly” Memorial Hall – about to become a memory?

Does our memory serve us correctly – when “Your Waverley”instigated a Feasibility Study in 2014 to secure  the future use of Farnham’s Memorial Hall for an Old People’s Day Centre – wasn’t the figure mentioned £750,000?

We here at the Waverley Web know how  time flies when you are enjoying yourselves but just two years later hasn’t that figure just risen to £3m, and mounting, and hasn’t the emphasis changed?

So now it is to be a centre for the young and the old. The Brightwells Gostrey Centre clients will shlep  across town  into a bright and airy refurbished  building which will  provide services to the elderly, including those with mild dementia.

The hall was formerly home to a number of community and voluntary groups and activities, dance, fitness, martial arts as well as dance and social functions.Where will those users be going?

Now it has been decided that Waverley Training Services that offers work based qualifications and apprenticeships to young people will leave its premises in Farnham and take up space at the Memorial Hall.

In the meantime The Football Club changing rooms are  moving  and due to  lack of parking for matches on the “memorial grounds” as a result of  building work – Waverley has shelled  out another £10,000 to provide a temporary car park (without planning permission) for players.



But as you will read here – not everyone in Farnham is impressed with “Your Waverley’s” move to satisfy the requirements of wannabe developers Crest Nicholson. And… it is patently obvious to everyone that the Memorial Playing fields will soon be going under concrete? After all there is no need for “Your Waverley” to apply for planning permission, or legally apply to extinguish covenants that exist on land or buildings… is there?

And Memorials ? what’s the odd Memorial between friends?

Why not? Quite simply… because “Your Waverley” is above the law, it knows it, and we in Farnham know it… don’t we?



2 thoughts on “Is the “truly” Memorial Hall – about to become a memory?”

  1. Oh dear, Mr Bell it seems that you have not understood that what “Your Waverley” wants it gets. It will not let the little matter of covenants stand in its way. It will develop where and when it wants with gay abandon because we, the electorate, do not count. It thinks nothing of lying to us both bare faced and by omission (the fraud) and until the rest of Waverley wake up and vote for anyone but a Conservative, as Farnham has done, we doomed to this continuous disregard of the Nolan Principles of honesty and integrity in public life.

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