Fines could be imposed on tenants who demonstrate anti social behaviour.

Has  “Your Waverley”  woken up to the fact that some people’s lives are being made an absolute misery by the anti-social behaviour of its tenants.

 No …it’s all words,  will it actually happen – we doubt it.

We here at the Waverley Web know of tenants (one in particular in Farnham who we dared to  mention and who immediately suffered reprisals,) who owns his own home but who has existed for years in something resembling hell!  Godalming residents too have contacted us, claiming there are no -go areas for law abiding people there, and in Cranleigh the comings-and-goings of some (Waverley tenants) throughout the night are being questionable.


As for objecting to the housing officers – forget it – it gets law abiding, decent people “absolutely nowhere.” In fact, one told us he received verbal abuse at the hands of a female council  officer he complained to and whose accusations against the complainant we refuse to print.

So Waverley Borough Councillors it is useless endorsing the New Anti-Social Behaviour Powers for housing operations if you don’t do anything with them?  As for commenting that “Your Waverley” does not have a big problem with ASB – “rubbish” of course you don’t have a problem if you ignore complaints – because you know what- in the end people just give up and suffer!

So now you have the power to deal with those people who have “a significant issue” use that power and do something!

At least no-one is pulling the wool over the eyes of Councillor Christiaan Hesse or Bramleys Councillor Richard Seaborne judging by their veiled criticisms.

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