Every picture tells a story – this one tells of Farnham’s nightmare.

A picture worth 10,000 words

“Your Waverley” has now compulsorily purchased a popular Farnham Pub (the Marlborough Head) with “Your Money” just the latest in a whole line of acquisitions.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 21.04.43.png
Pictured here Councillor Julia “Gone To” Potts!  Or you can send in your own picture caption to: mailto: contact@waverleyweb.org

It has appropriated land, ignored covenants on a “Memorial Recreation Ground and a Memorial Hall,” and sold off Farnham’s silver by disposing of many of the town’s most treasured assets and possessions.

It has ignored the well-tried and tested planning rules and  regulations that the rest of us are instructed  to live by, and it has now been forced (by a member of the public) to seek retrospective planning permission.

Together with the County Council it is spending tens of millions of pounds of “Your Money” in a bid to build yet more …retail and restaurants!

As if that is not enough…  it now intends to spend £250,000 of “Your Money” fighting Farnham residents who are spending “Their Own Money” Challenging Waverley Borough Council /Crest “Rip Off” Nicholson/Sainsbury’s at a Judicial Review on the “Blightwells”/East Street redevelopment fiasco.


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