They seek them here, they seek them there “Your Waverley’s” damn elusive Pimpernels?

Regular readers will no doubt have  read our critical comments about a number of “Your  Cranleigh Waverley” Borough Councillors! Read our post is “Your Waverley” Home or Away.”Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 14.05.11.png

They take on Executive roles one minute, and are either sacked or they resign from them the next! They take part in, and are responsible for, “Secret Meeting Gate” getting up close and personal with as many Wannabee developers as they can get their hands on.

They urge Cranleigh’s voting fodder to elect them to the parish council one minute and resign the next.   Throwing their toys out of the pram – because they were found wanting by their colleagues! 


Because they were plotting behind the scenes to sell off a piece of ground donated in memory of a Cranleigh resident as public open space for… yes you guessed … housing!

And, as  if that is not enough of an insult to a Cranleigh woman’s memory, same councillors and others – want to get up even closer and even more comfortable with a now “DefinitelyBe Developer”  to build on the Green Belt in the Guildford Road having just acquired their own development on land once described as “sacrosanct.’

Stinks as high as Cranleigh’s sewage doesn’t it?

But… it gets even worse because said couple having sent their comments from their Australian sun beds have clinched Crest Nicholson’s development in Horsham Road, Cranleigh – described by councillors as “A carbuncle on the Cranleigh countryside.”

Have they turned up for any meetings since their return?Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 18.49.21.png

Well one resigned (in writing) from the Licensing Committee and the other turned up for the Standards Board meeting to consider  the rules and regulations Councillors are expected to abide by! Couldn’t have found anyone more suited to the task…could they?

Did they turn up for the Full Council Meeting on 18th October? No apologies for absence given  so they must have? – However, they might have been hiding under the chamber’s desks  with embarrassment – if you can spot the councillors Stennett – please send it to the Waverley Web at

 No – they didn’t even send their Apologies they were just marked ABSENT.  Dare we suggest it is time for another couple of Cranleigh By-Elections!Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 18.43.05.png

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