Are wannabe developers crawling all over villages around Farnham?

Well ! All those wannabe developers  have been crawling all over the East of the borough  now with numerous planning permissions tucked under their belts, their appetite for more continues unabated. WW hears that helicopters are flying over Waverley’s towns and villages in an attempt to spot suitable development land, pushing letters through doors and harassing old people – one aged 93!

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Taken from the Farnham Herald.


 This time its a “mystery” developer that has its eyes set on the green, green, grass south of Badshot Lea.

 The locals have heard that plans are afoot for another 350 homes, to add to the deluge of homes planned there. This time on land between the Squires Garden Centre, St Georges Road and the A31. So…if you add this
to Gleeson Homes’ 254 opposite the Hogs Back in Tongham and the 140 homes pending at appeal in lower Weybourne Lane , the village is – like others in the borough, quite simply under siege.
Does the fact that it is beyond the boundaries as defined in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan make any difference?  Somehow WW doubts it?
The locals have worked tirelessly with the Farnham Town Council, in the preparation of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan, realising it must accept some development and that the village should grow. Hence Tices Field and the Little Acres/CaffynParsons sites being earmarked for development .There are also another two sites,  Lower Weybourne Lane and Green Lane.
But, of course, with no adopted Local Plan, any  Neighbourhood Plans that underpin it, mean nothing!  – So all the wannabe’s are pitching in before a Government Inspector gets anywhere near inspecting it!  Can hardly blame them can we?
An application to build 80 homes at Little Acres Nursery in St Georges Road was approved by the Joint Planning Committee last Monday 26th September. Despite no satisfactory access to the site, despite some existing properties  having roads on three sides and insufficient infrastructure contributions! Because if Liz the Biz Planning Chief says it’s OK then its OK to add another development to Badshot Lea increased the village by 30%.  Two further applications will be heard in the next few months. The first for 105 in place of the Farnham Park Hotel, to which 193 people have already objected, and another for 64 homes at the corner of Green Lane, Badshot Lea Road and Monkton Lane. All bar one, are green field sites! God help the people of Farnham, which is already choking on exhaust fumes!

Perhaps, the Protect Our Waverley Group that is presently bombarding the homes of local people in the Dunsfold Park area with objection literature, should jump off its  parochial bandwagon and roll it on over to the other side of “Your Waverley?” After all doesn’t it  purport to be want to protect “Our Waverley” not just the largest brown field sit in the borough from development!

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  1. Do you ever read our posts properly? Farnham is currently under siege from developers, and planning applications are being approved on green field sites with monotonous regularity. Badshot Lea, a small village with little or no facilities, has already increased by 30%, with more to come and all on green fields. Several thousand homes are planned in Farnham, and many more thousands on its borders. Similar sites on the green fields of Alfold are under threat, and so are sites in Cranleigh. So what actually is POW protecting the largest brownfield site in the borough for- a Business Park? WW

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