Care Ashore’s boat launched, again?

Well – why wouldn’t Thakeham Homes be confident of success?

Because everyone else is!


Over there in the East of the borough planning applications are arriving faster than the first class post.

The scheme mentioned in the article below, (click on the link) for over 400 homes is just part of a Horsham developer Thakeham Homes  cunning plan to dump another load of houses on the Surrey/Sussex border village, doubling its size. Care Ashore, (The Seaman’s Union) who own the site, is  a beleaguered charity struggling for survival on an estate called Springbok, with only bread and dripping to sustain  itself! 

So having been given the thumbs down by “Your Waverley,”  it now intends to go to appeal to the Government claiming the decision was “undemocratic” and “did not reflect the merit of the scheme.”  The firm’s managing director Robert Boughton says he is   “confident” of success.  Well – after all those secret meetings at “Your Waverley” and with the powers that be at No 10, it has to be granted by a Government Inspector – doesn’t it? Why we hear  you ask – because the borough of Waverley still doesn’t have an Adopted  Local Plan!


Other Alfold schemes  in the pipeline include:

Land at Wildwood Golf Club, Horsham Road: Land in Rosemary Lane, Alfold; Land on the A281 at Alfold Crossways; Land at the Medland Garden Centre on the A281 Horsham Road; Land at Dunsfold Road, Alfold; Land adjacent to Chilton Close, Loxwood Rd (52) Land at Chilton Close, rear of the Willows(13) and so it goes on…including homes granted at over 100 soon to be built at Sweeters Copse, Loxwood Road.  So another 400 won’t make much difference?

What  WW can’t help wondering,  is where is all that poo going – into Cranleigh’s Sewage Works and the Cranleigh Waters ? Or will it wing its way into the Flying Scotsman’s shiny new sh*t pit? Or, it could always go to Loxwood – where properties wallowed in the mucky brown stuff during the 2013/14 floods!

Residents have contacted the Waverley Web saying  they have just spotted a green field, without a yellow notice on it! screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-18-07-56

We say : “Not for long.”


3 thoughts on “Care Ashore’s boat launched, again?”

  1. Thakeham does have some support, as the daft MD points out, but we all see through that support. The consultation in the village hall was risible with the stooges they bought in. Now the support, well if you count seafarers on their mailing list who live in far flung places like Liverpool, Glasgow, Southampton and Portsmouth for example. Of course the rest are those that work for the charity and live in the lovely cottages on the land for free. Good to see that the urban estate they are planning is not close to the main house or the houses the staff occupy, it will only blight those that live in the village who rightly, as they have to live with it, are objecting strongly. Before anybody points out there are other supporters it should be pointed out they are either related to people who work at Springbok, friends of those that work at Springbok or a councillor who is a trustee of the charity.

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