WW doesnt want to be mischievous… but!

For the benefit  Bramley protestors  and all those other protestors living along the length and breadth of the A281 Guildford to Horsham Road…

The borough of Waverley is not an island… is it?

Because while “Your Waverley” fiddles with its Daft Local Plan causing the borough to quite possibly “burn” “flood” or “wallow in sewage”  over there in Horsham it’s  busy meeting its housing targets and solving its acute housing problem.  Thousands of homes are built, or under construction over the Surrey/Sussex border – and here comes the next wave!


And… what will generate some of that traffic?  Almost 3,000 new homes,  over 500,000 square ft of employment business space and 4,000 jobs opportunities,  and who will fill some of them? Residents  from Waverley/ Guildford and beyond.

 “Your Waverley” could take a great big leaf out of Horsham’s book. It ensures the Infrastructure – massive new foul and surface water drainage schemes; railway stations; education campus, leisure   parks, retail and medical facilities are all  upgraded or provided to meet the growth the Government  expects it to take.

It is not just lobbing development at green fields within villages, that have neither the infrastructure or ability to cope with a large influx of inhabitants. Villages that have overflowing sewers, poor water quality and didleysquat medical facilities.

Waverley’s Local Plan includes a scheme to build  on an airfield.  A recognised Brown Field Site – whose owners  will contribute towards the mitigation measures to improve road junctions, provide its own Sewage Treatment works that doesn’t   discharge  into the polluted Cranleigh Waters! Provide shops, a school, medical facilities, and employment opportunities as well as open spaces for recreation and sport.

But – The Protect ~our -Waverley – Group would prefer to fire up local residents to object to the redevelopment to Dunsfold Airfield ,  or perhaps preferring an airport, or piecemeal  development across the borough’s green fields by developers who will provide minimum improvements to the local infrastructure. Another planning application in for for 42 this week in Dunsfold village. Many hundreds more to come in Alfold/Dunsfold/Cranleigh/Ewhurst/Shamley Green and Bramley!

So… perhaps instead of objecting to Waverley’s Daft Local Plan – they should start objecting to Hampshire’s and Horsham’s? Just a thought – of course we couldn’t possibly comment.

To read the whole plan for almost 3,000 houses plus…. read it for yourself here and click on Our Vision.:` http://landnorthofhorsham.co.uk/news/  Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 12.08.22.png


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