Oh really “Elsey” – you are awful?

Now  let’s get this straight – the Waverley Web is not in the business of telling an ageing  granny how to suck eggs…but Councillors are told when they are inducted that they should be respectful at all times of – their colleagues, council staff and members of the public.

It is called the Council’s ‘RESPECT POLICY.’

So, when a new boy joins the Waverley team, turns up at The Executive – acts responsibly and asks politely for clarification, and explanations on behalf of the people who have just elected him …

Wouldn’t it be quite nice if he was treated  with the respect he deserves!

 The WW wrote the script for the debut  of Farnham Residents’ new boys – read here: Place your bets on “Your Waverley” treating Farnham’s Magnificent Seven” with a modicum of fairness.

Just in case you missed it Elsey?  You proved we were, spot on! 

 When  the Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s credibility  was  questioned and heavily criticised by your colleagues, you were part of the  working group who heard that the present system was both defective and flawed. Some even wondered why they bothered to turn up, because nobody listened!  Just in case you need reminding: Read this: TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING?

When Councillor Hyman said: The committee was there to “Challenge” recommendationswhat was your spiteful  response?

“I don’t know how much training Councillor Hyman has had but the O & S Committee is there to support, not “challenge.” and.. “he may have a better understanding of the process once he has had some training?”

“Better to keep quiet and be thought to be a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt?”

If it was your intention to belittle a new Councillor “Elsey” – you failed, miserably. Read your papers and listen to what backbencher Jim Hawkins said: “We felt we were not being listened to!”  Because this is how the Centre for Public Scrutiny Good Scrutiny Guide describes Scrutiny!

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 13.16.44.png         NOW WHO NEEDS L  PLATES? Hyman or our Elsey? Answers on a postcard please.

Executive Committee Papers September 2016 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 22.19.41.png

4 thoughts on “Oh really “Elsey” – you are awful?”

  1. I attended this meeting and thought Jerry Hyman showed remarkable restraint. It reminded me how badly John Williamson and John Fraser were treated in their first Council meeting when they had the temerity to ask why the Council had hidden the fraud.

  2. You are absolutely right. This pernicious behaviour must be stopped, before the reputation of Waverley Borough Council is tarnished further. When is the electorate going to wake up to the damage caused by electing their representatives based on party loyalties alone?

  3. Been too powerful and domineering in nature over Farnham residents far to long.. surely someone must remove these dinosaurs walking all over the people trying to bring a breath of fresh sense in!

    1. We could not agree more. We have numerous messages agreeing with you. Some of whom do not wish their comments to be made public. When will these bullies get the boot through the ballot box?

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