Are Waverley’s housing numbers on the up and UP?

A very  interesting analysis from Friends of The Earth!

The environmental group’s legal expert Kathy Smythe may have  thrown  a bit of a spanner into ‘Your Waverley’s” works after revealing  in the Haslemere Herald. that the council’s assertion that it has its five year land supply may prove to be inaccurate.

Developers too are now challenging  ‘Your  Waverley’s”  housing numbers and they may have to go UP  Why? because the council   has failed to deliver enough housing for the past decade.

Oh dear! surely that doesn’t mean another Daft Local Plan is about to go down the pan – does it? But then didn’t the Council’s own advisors warn them that the figure had to be higher than 519 long ago? 

So…WW now wonders – where does that now leave Dunsfold Park’s brownfield site?  Because developers – including the company mentioned below – are eager to build on green fields right across the borough! And all the other eager the developers are racing to lodge their planning applications in as quickly as they can  because if the Daft Local Plan’s numbers are flawed … they will be laughing all the way to Appeals that will … almost certainly be granted.

As Laurel and Hardy  the famous old comedians once said : “Is this another fine mess you have got us all into” –  Waverley Council?

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