The Berkley Bunnies are preparing to burrow into Cranleigh? But the Warren may not be what villagers expected.

Yes… you guessed, with a successful Government appeal  decision secured, Waverley is now assisting Berkeley Homes to vary the conditions of its permission for 425 homes in the heart of Cranleigh.

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And there we were at the Waverley Web thinking that it was only Crest Nicholson that had the ear of Waverley Planners, we are such silly billies?

As the Giant of the building industry prepares for takeoff to land  South of Stocklund Square, Cranleigh it wants to vary the defined Infrastructure conditions…

 No surprise there then?

In a nutshell: It wants to Phase the development so that the high end million pound+ houses are built first, leaving the denser smaller houses and the social housing, of which there is to be 40%, (maybe that will also be changed) to come later!

No guessing what the other other variation is?  Quite Simply instead of dealing with conditions concerning sewage and drainage before the homes are occupied, the BBunnies along with ever other developer, want do it after the houses are occupied! WW could have written that script months ago…Cala Homes…Crest Nicholson…Bekeley Homes…whose next to join Cranleigh’s very own SH**gate!

And: In its letter to the planning officers there is a sentence which says: “thank you for your help in preparing this!”

That’s what we want hear – Waverley helping all the developers that they have been holding secret meetings with for the past two years, with those oh! so  helpful  Cranleigh borough councillor duo’s  Brian and Patricia Ellis and Stewart and Jeannette Stennett. Is that the same Ms Stennett that said she didn’t want Cranleigh villagers wallowing in sewage! 

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We hope the parish councillors over there in the East of the borough aren’t just sitting back and enjoying the Cappuccinos over there in the East of the borough that Councillor Ellis has re-named the  Coffee Shop Capital of Surrey!

Now that the Stennett and Ellis duo’s, minus one, have resigned from the parish council perhaps Councillor Mary Foryszewski better call this one in to the committee otherwise those crafty old officers led by Liz the Biz might just push this one through under their delegated powers and then…

Cranleigh really will be swimming in effluent – just like a Cranleigh councillor predicted at the Joint `planning Committee last Wednesday and it might not get all those affordable homes the BB promised.

After all there is no through route from the Upmarket properties to the downmarket properties. They go out into Knowle Lane, where it floods. The rabble go out into Alfold Road – where it floods. Perish the thought that ever the twain should meet

If you want to read the application to vary the conditions you can find it on the Waverley planning portal. WA/2016/1625.

Here are comments from three  of the locals.

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2 thoughts on “The Berkley Bunnies are preparing to burrow into Cranleigh? But the Warren may not be what villagers expected.”

  1. Are we surprised that the green field developer wants to change the playing field rules. Build the big property’s first get some money in the bank and then change the game plan again as the social housing will need to change to match the million pound houses. I am sure they will get what they ask for and it was more than likely discussed with planning before the original plans went in ” ask for this first get it then come again for another bite”. The more planning meetings whether it be joint or area I watch the more the planning officers seem to be on the side of the developers, I am not sure why we have councillors meetings

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