Unauthorised developers – here comes The Enforcer?

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Waverley Planners are not impressed  that unauthorised development in “Your Waverley” has doubled in the past few months.  There are currently 152 cases on the council’s books!

Although members of the Eastern Area Planning Committee were…not amused  at the increase, explaining  why the figure was increasing brought   a giggle from the planning officer. “Better weather, more people about and people cutting vegetation back and then everything becomes more visible” she chuckled.

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One thing that is certain – ‘Your Waverley” continues to either ignore, or is over-ruled by Inspectors on  the unauthorised development of one section of the community, who are regularly buying up land and putting up new mobile homes, lodges, sheds, playrooms, garden rooms and more, in and around the leafy lanes of Waverley.

Perhaps local residents have decided to take a leaf out of their book?

Recent Appeal Allowed. ~Mr T Giles. Land West of Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.GU6 8JW. Use of Land for one gipsy pitch. Stationing of two Caravans for residential purposes, and erection of a Day Room together with Ancillary works.

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Perhaps it’s time to call Clint Eastwood  in? 

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