Our Jeremy’s not too busy trying to sort out the NHS to dip his nose into Farnham then?

You see Farnham – Surrey County Council does not have the cash to spend on road improvements – however it does have enough of “Your Money” all 50 odd millions of it, to play property developers ¬†with “Your Waverley” on the Brightwells/East Street Scheme – funny old world isn’t it!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 18.56.00.pngAs reported here in the Farnham Herald – what a great paper that is – the highway wallah’s in Kingston have ruled out a mini-roundabout at the junction of Union Road, Long Bridge and Downing Street that was promoted as being part of “Our Jeremy’s” proposals for pedestrianising Farnham. Why? Because it would be “prohibitively expensive” as well as causing congestion south of the town centre. Now there’s a surprise?

Now there is to be a “remodelling exercise” which will be unveiled in the Autumn. Perhaps it will include a plan to pick Farnham up, put it into a great big paper bag, give it a good shake, and see what drops out first.Perhaps, we could do the same with some of our local politicians?


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