Wakey, wakey, Waverley, or you may be too late!


We have just heard from one of our followers over there in the East of the Borough – my word there really are a lot of them over there in Cranleigh, (WW is heading for 40,000 hits) – and they are beginning to sound really  worried.

So the Waverley Web is sending this message to the Waverley Worried. 

Dear Worried of Waverley,


The Daft Local Plan, the blueprint for future development in the borough until 2032   will be out for a six week public consultation shortly.   In other words if you want to contribute towards the way the borough develops … SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.

And don’t moan in the coming years when the bulldozers move onto a green field near you, shut up and put up. Because you had you chance and you were too busy, going down the pub, earning a living, looking after the kids, the grandparents – though they are move likely looking after you – or, maybe, just maybe you don’t actually care. 

In which case

Remember – we get the Governments we deserve! And … we will get the environment we deserve, because everything this “Cranleighman” says is true.

Shall we march on the borough hall, not hundreds of us but thousands of us ? We will be there  – of course WaverleyWebman will look like this, so shake us by the hand!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 21.55.28
Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No its Waverley Webman at the ready!

Here’s what one follower has to say.

Read, digest and then get writing to “Your Waverley.”

Its public consultation begins on August 19th.


mail to:planning policy@waverley.gov.uk


Planning Policy, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming. GU7 1HR

After responses have been reviewed it is believed the plan will be submitted for examination by and Independent planning inspector in November.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 17.34.22.png
As We responded to Cranleighman – We here at WW are doing our best – the rest is up to you?

One thought on “Wakey, wakey, Waverley, or you may be too late!”

  1. Nicely written, and as a long term Cranleighan I heartily agree with the sentiments expressed by cranleighman.
    However I would also call in to question the woefully inadequate infrastructure provided by Surrey Highways and Waverley that make all of these plans so preposterous.
    I do not disagree that we desperately need to do something about the totally inadequate housing stock in Cranleigh and surrounding villages, and the need for sensibly sized and priced developments that would allow young people on to the housing ladder and keep the villages alive in the future (or do we see our villages as some kind of chocolate box rural fantasy).
    What the Daft Plan requires is input from all the infrastructure and service providers including water and sewage to create a plan that gives the area what it needs without destroying any more countryside.
    Quite a challenge I’d say, but Sussex seem to be managing!!!
    Drive up the A24 to Broadbridge Heath and then try to get to Guildford….. the A281 is a joke at best, downright dangerous at worst, and yet our local councils seem to think that the increased traffic from the development in Cranleigh and villages will simply filter out through the surrounding lanes!!!!
    Do they really think that people buying houses with a starting price in excess of £500K are going to be working and commuting to Cranleigh? They will need to get to Guildford or Horsham at the very least, even then probably commuting on to London. Have any of our councillors tried to get out of Guildford Station at seven in the evening?? It can take up to 40 minutes some nights which is really what you want having left home at five thirty in the morning.
    No I don’t think any of local representatives is capable of having the vision to create a sound draft local plan, because they are unqualified to do so, and with few exceptions and they know who they are, I wouldn’t trust most of them to look after a corner shop, much less come up with a creative and sustainable plan for the future of our villages.

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