Come on Farnham people. Dig deep for the future of our town. This is the Summer of our discontent.

 Donations continue to roll into the Fighting Fund for the Brightwells East Street Judicial Review.
A whopping £50,000 was given by an anonymous donor last week bringing the total to over £90,000 and growing.
Any day now the legal challenge that has long been the dream of residents opposed to the scheme dubbed by some as,  “The Big Farnham giveaway” could become a reality.
“Your Waverley” has long boasted of its financial expertise, and in some respects this is correct. We like to be fair.
However,  in recent years  this Tory dominated  council’s  financial accomplishments have been few, mainly s it is  without the benefit of the checks and balances provided by a strong opposition. But now it financial expertise has gone AWOL with the the East Street/Brightwells scheme to regenerate part of Farnham Town Centre. An area most agree is  in need of development, but not on the present scale of that  proposed by developer Crest Nicholson, who is laughing all the way to the bank!
Are Farnham people going to allow the town’s  “family silver” to be sacrificed on the developer’s alter – Brightwells Gardens left in Trust in 1922 for the people of Farnham for pleasure and recreation; The Tennis Club; The Bowling Club; The Redgrave Theatre; and The Memorial Hall to name but a few. Waverley Borough Council is systematically selling off one asset at a time until there will be nothing left too sell!
Now “Your Waverley” intends to put the Farnham Pump House  up for sale, the building that once housed Waverley training services – and where will it operate from in future?
Why the Memorial Hall no -less, the very same hall that will be housing The Gostrey  old people’s centre, Uncle Tom Cobley and all!  Soon to be renamed “the Waverley Memorial Dumping Ground.”
Is it any wonder then that those residents labelled by councillors as, a bunch of nuisances, and a group of  people with too much time on their hands,  wait with baited breath to hear whether they will be given leave to embark upon a David & Goliath type fight with Waverley Borough Council in a Judicial Review.
So Farnham people dig deep into your pockets and Let Battle Begin...
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Fighting in Farnham

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