Mad cows and Englishmen…


Is that dreadful disease on the march again in Surrey?

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 18.27.00.png

Rumour has it that the rather anaemic looking cow adopted by the POW
CAMPAIGNERS – Protect Our Waverley – for the uninitiated, – that is
usually to be seen in the garden of a converted forge (?) you know, the
one in Hascombe where the planners allowed the daughter of a local family to live near her parents even though it was judged at the time to have been contrary to
planning policy – we digress – well, it was to be found outside
“Your Waverley’s” offices a few days back when members of said POW (aka) Stop Dunsfold Park New Town converged on the council offices with its
papier mache model just as the odd bods that are WBC councillors debated
the fate of the borough’s Third Daft Local Plan!

Now …

WW would not wish to be accuused of being  a meaney


Of not having a sense of humour

Perish the thought! We love a good joke/laugh/cartoon/comment etc… BUT 

Plagiarising the Cow Parade which was instigated to raise money for deserving local charities is not the way for  POW to gain friends and influence people… is it?

It was obviously hoping to milk local sympathies for the residents of Alfold and Dunsfold who object to their rural idyl being desecrated by the Big Bad Developers who own Waverley’s largest brownfield site and want to build on it – shock- horror – affordable homes there. How dare they? After all there are plenty of green fields in the surrounding towns and villages of Cranleigh and over here in Farnham. Why not build them there and leave the sacred cow brown field former airfield well alone?

Who was it that said  only Mad Cows and Englishmen go out in the midday sun?

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  1. Well I am sure Betty will not enjoy your article, if she deigns to read such scurrilous outpourings, but at least she will understand the link to The Master. Ahh us oldies just won’t shut up and go away Liz.

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